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How owning an SM Advantage card / Prestige card can actually benefit you

Let’s face it, most of us avid shoppers hear this phrase once in a while, “Naay advantage card, sir/ma’am?”, and while some nod their heads, there are also some who don’t bother at all. What is an advantage card, exactly? Other than extra time spent at the cashier counter trying to swipe it on their computers, how does it work?

For the uninitiated, a loyalty or an advantage card can be acquired by a shopper to earn rewards while shopping for items.

For only a minimal fee, one can immediately get their hands on a card, but first, one must know the benefits of owning one.

You can enjoy perks, freebies, and privileges

By using your advantage card when you purchase something, you can get a special discounted price for your item, and even receive freebies once in a while!

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Let’s take a retail store for example. If you spend a certain amount and you present an advantage card at the counter, you might receive a freebie.

Some of these perks can include a free facial, getting 500 pesos off on a certain purchase, and, upon reaching a spending limit, it can also be upgraded. Aside from that, members also get to enjoy a private lounge where one can rest their feet, cool off, and rehydrate before going to another shopping spree.

You can earn rewards

Every purchase using an advantage card merits 1 reward point per 200-250 pesos spent; and you can even earn points while fueling up! Just make sure to check which fuel partners your card can be accepted in.

Usually equivalent to a peso, rewards points can be redeemed for future purchases.

You can get a chance to win prizes

Every once in a while, advantage card holders get to have a chance to win certain prizes. Just be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for future exciting promos.

Discounted prices all day!

In SM City Cebu’s annual 3- day weekend sale, SM advantage card, SM Prestige, and BDO Rewards Card holders get an additional 10% off on top of the discounts on SM in any participating SM Affiliates, so don’t forget to shop to your heart’s content, all while earning points and rewards at the same time!

Be sure to take advantage of these benefits at The Big SM City Cebu Sale on March 15, 16, and 17.

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