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The interesting symbols of Easter 

Eggs, bunnies, and a cross – these are symbols that usually come up every Easter, despite not having any correlation with each other.

For Filipinos, the cross is the most obvious symbol of Easter, but the Bible does not say anything about eggs and bunnies on Easter.

It is all fun and games until someone asks how all these symbols add up to the a mysterious and unique Easter celebration.

You know when and how to celebrate Easter, but not many people in the Philippines know why eggs and bunnies are actually included in this celebration.

Like Christmas, there is more than one way to celebrate Easter. It can be about hunting multi-colored eggs, stuffing your face with candies, or culminating Lent and Holy Week by eating to your heart’s content.

Celebrating Easter is so much more fun when we understand the reasons of this season.

More Than Colorful Eggs

Decorating eggs for Easter was believed to a tradition that dates back to the 13th century. Eggs were formerly forbidden during Lenten season owing to the strictness of the Church when it comes to eating dishes made of meat or animal products. The only way to keep eggs from going to waste was to boil or roast them. People on those days painted and decorated hard-boiled egg to mark the end of the period of fasting. This would then either be eaten on Easter as a celebration or be given to children as gifts.

Another explanation is that eggs symbolized the empty tomb of Jesus, from which He resurrected. Other stories explain that Easter usually occurs towards the beginning of spring, a season when plants bloom and animals give birth. Eggs are most associated with Easter because it is a clear symbol of rebirth and fertility.

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Hopping on the Job

Just like eggs, bunnies are symbols of fertility because rabbits and hares are prolific breeders that can give birth to large litters in the early spring.

Asking what Christmas is without Santa Claus is the same as asking what Easter is without the Easter Bunny.

The Easter Bunny is believed to lay and hide chocolate-filled eggs for young children to find them.

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A Celebration of Life, not Death

Since the majority of the Filipino population is composed of Christians, we turn to the Holy Bible to explain why we celebrate holidays like Christmas and Easter.

According to the Bible, we celebrate Easter because Jesus rose from the dead three days after He was crucified on the cross.

As described in the New Testament of the Bible, Jesus’ family and friends grieved for days until He revealed Himself on the third day, which showed that He conquered death.

Celebrate the life and the risen Christ at Ayala Center Cebu’s “WalkThru: Reflection of Jesus’ Way to the Cross,” is an interactive stations of the cross at the Terraces.

The Walkthru features installations like replicas of whips, the crown of thorn and an actual cross are placed to give a new kind of experience while doing the stations of the cross. The Walkthru is open to the public today until April 17 and will resume on April 20 and 21 from 10 AM to 10 PM.

Whatever symbol you associate it with, celebrate your Easter Sunday with much hope in your heart. Easter is always a time for new beginnings. It is a time for a fresh look at things and for a renewed perspective on life. /celr


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