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Living it up north

Living in the city can be exhilarating.

The fast-paced life, the close proximity to commerce, leisure, and entertainment, and the everyday hustle and bustle.

However, it is not for everyone. More and more buildings sprout like mushrooms around the Metro, the traffic quickly builds up, malls get more congested, parks and patches of greenery are sparse – now you tend to feel boxed in.

As more urbanites seek out alternatives to city living, developing cities in the north like in Compostela are offering a more laid-back atmosphere with all the convenience offered by modern cities.

Often dismissed by many, the recent developments in the area is proving that you can still have all the convenience and access you get in the congested city but with a more balanced atmosphere.

Take a look at our list of reasons why you should look at moving your nest to the developing north.

White sand beaches in Sta Fe Bantayan Island.(CDN PHOTO/TD)

1) It is a gateway to weekend and weekday destinations

One of the best things about living in the north is that you are much closer to weekend destinations.

A one-hour drive from Compostela gets you to Danasan Eco Adventure Park or to Cebu Safari where you can take in the calming effect of nature and enjoy exciting adventures to satisfy your thrill. Crossing the ocean takes you to Camotes Island or the beaches of Bantayan Island.

These ideal destinations for a weekend away with the family or the barkada is close enough for that spontaneous day trip adventure.

2) The north enjoys a steady rate of commercial growth

Communities like those in Compostela, Danao, and Liloan have benefited from the increased accessibility brought about by the growth of commercial establishments, expansion of malls and influx of more residential properties in recent years.

The newest master-planned development of AboitizLand is Amoa in Compostela. It is strategically situated between Danao City and Consolacion town, both bustling with economic growth.

3)  Living near green spaces helps adjust your disposition

When you think about it, there are many things that could stress you out in the city, however, plants and trees could help you beat your stress to the curb which the north is teeming with.

Walking around an area with lots of green foliage like a garden or a park helps boost a person’s mood and memory. In fact, a study done in the US proved that people showed positive signs of enhanced mood and memory after basking in nature versus walking in the city.

When you’re feeling blue, walk through any garden or park and feel instantly refreshed. It’s better than heading out to a bar to drink your woes away. And that’s a more affordable alternative too!

4) Come home to a family-oriented community

North of Cebu still has the land and space that you need for a growing family. There is more room to breathe because life is more relaxed.

There is more time to enjoy your breakfast as you can literally still hear the chirping of the birds.

The needs of every family member can be addressed in the north. Malls and resorts for recreation, premier schools for education-oriented pursuits, and dining destinations for the whole family to enjoy.

It is a safe community for children to grow and for families to thrive. It is no wonder that the northern community of Cebu is often seen as family-oriented.

5) Development is migrating toward the north

Due to the scale of development migrating to the north, it is no longer as provincial as it may seem.

Hotels and resorts are now populating to accommodate the rise in tourism and development. Businesses in the electronics sector as well as cement factories have set up headquarters in the area providing job opportunities for the locals.

Lifestyle and entertainment areas including malls are also expanding and giving northerners many options to enjoy their leisure time on the weekends.

With all these reasons enumerated, it is easy to see why developers are keeping an eye on the north. These also explains why people, business, commerce, and lifestyle centers are moving toward the northern direction.

With Amoa, experience the benefits of living in the north while basking in all the opportunities it has to offer. Future homeowners of this premium property development located in Compostela town can look forward to enjoying a piece of their own eden in a 6-hectare master-planned residential community in barangay Tamiao, Compostela Cebu.

Developed by AboitizLand, the project offers prospective residents the opportunity to own a home in a vibrant, uncrowded area in the north of Cebu Province.

The design of the residences takes from the unique architecture of traditional and colonial Filipino houses.

Almost half of Amoa is dedicated to open spaces, and it is this aspect that especially differentiates the residential subdivision from other developments.

Come home to Amoa, where more is ours. Find out more about this project by visiting https://www.amoacebu.com.ph and www.aboitizland.com or like them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/amoaofficial.



AboitizLand, Inc., an affiliate of Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc. counts more than 20 years of leadership in the real estate industry.

The company is driven to develop innovative, deliberately planned, and purposely designed communities anchored to its promise of creating better ways to live.

Born in Cebu and intent to further go national, AboitizLand Corporate Headquarters is now located in Manila.

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