Lake Bensis: The secret beauty of Toledo City

The one of a kind beauty in Lake Bensis. /Contributed Photo

CEBU CITY, Philippines— There are a lot of camping sites in Cebu that would give us the best city lights scenery or the green beauty of the mountains.

But do you want to look for another camping site that would offer you a whole different kind of view?

Then this hidden wonder in Toledo City should be the next camping destination you should visit.

Toledo City is located 47.2 kilometers west of Cebu City and is now getting known for a lake that only a few knows about.

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Lake Bensis or Lake Pingganon is a lake located in Barangay Loay, Toledo City that has been getting the attention from camping enthusiasts because of its beauty and unique kind of camping environment.

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Here’s how you can reach this breathtaking lake:

The easiest and fastest way to reach Toledo City is through the route, Toledo-Manipis road, that will take you about an hour to 30 minutes.

For commuters, you can hire a motorcycle to take you the Barangay Loay for P100 per person from the flyover in Tabunok, Talisay City.

Now, if you opt to take the bus from the Cebu South Bus Terminal fare is pegged at P80-P170 and disembark in Toledo City and hail a motorcycle that will take you to Lake Bensis.

The bus will usually take about two hours of travel, so if you would want to reach the lake the quickest way possible you should just take the motorcycle ride from Tabunok.

After the bus ride or motorcycle ride, a small chapel will welcome you, that is the landmark that you have reached the jump-off point going to the lake itself.

An environmental fee of P20 will be collected upon entry.

From the jump-off point, a 10 to 20 minute trek will boost your adrenaline even more before witnessing the lake’s beauty.

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Lake Bensis offers a whole new unique camping experience here in Cebu.

Because from the usual camping scenario of just rounding up for bonfire, there, you can enjoy and marvel around the lake on a raft for a rental fee of P100.

Swimming is allowed on the lake, but you have to take extra caution because the lake is filled with freshwater making it hard for you to swim or to even float.

The best thing to do is to just hop on a raft and just gaze at the mountains that are surrounding the lake and the silence of nature.

While you are camping, you’ll have to minimize making so much noise, that’s to respect other campers and to enjoy the serenity the lake offers.

There’s no fee for tents and hammocks, so you can bring your own tents and hammocks for a complete camping experience.

Lake Bensis is one of the most treasured beauties of Toledo City and with that like every camping site, you should not leave any trace, clean as you go.

You can bring food with you and cook on the spot for as long as you clean it up after.

There are two common restrooms available for the campers to use.

Lake Bensis does not just offer the tranquility but the feeling of being in another country surrounded by lakes.

The beauty of Lake Bensis is truly one of the most magnetic beauty there is here in Cebu.

The lake’s elegance and natural beauty make us all want to just leave the city and just head to Lake Bensis to just leave all our burdens and recharge for another week of work and school. /dbs

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