Cebu band 1AM working on first EP 

From left, 1Am band members Ivan Rebutazo, Ian Miguel Salvador, and Kyle Maraton. | photo by Antonette Bacalso

Cebu City, Philippines—Cebu-based band 1AM is now working on its first extended play (EP)  record entitled “Bare.”

Kyle Maraton, the band’s vocalist, confirmed to CDN Digital that “Bare” will be released anytime this month with five songs, which are “What Just Happened”, “Not Enough”, “Leaving Me”, “Night”, and “Random Signals.”

“I named it “Bare” because I just want it to be basic and simple,” he told CDN Digital. 

This will be distributed by the Indie Label All-Star Indie Music Philippines.

The first song titled “What Just Happened” is the representation of the EP’s process.

“Usually, the idea is like on the spot  (music writing). I tried writing songs on a specific day but I haven’t written any thing. There are days I just go to sleep and when I wake up, I opened my laptop and start to work my way out,” he added.   

His second song “Not Enough” is all about young people hoping that relationships will last but ended up cheating or getting tired of each other. 

For his third song “Leaving Me”, this gives him thought of waking up one day and losing his lover while “Night” is  inspired from a one night stand.

“This (Night) is not a personal experience. This is an idea of falling in love with a stranger and wanting to end the night,” Maraton added.

Completing “Bare” is “Random Signals” which is being available to a specific person and getting confused with relationship label. 

1AM was founded in Carrascal, Surigao del Sur on September 2018 with Maraton as its sole member. 

He called it 1AM because Maraton has more thoughts and words in writing songs during that time. 

His first song recorded was “Midnight Drive,” which was done on November 15, 2018.

Since he had to move to Cebu City to study college in April 2019, Maraton searched for new members in Cebu. 

He met and invited Ian Miguel Salvador, a guitarist from a metal band in Cebu, through his musician friend Harvey Ancajas.

The band was finally completed in June 2019 when Ivan Rebutazo was recruited to be their drummer.

Rebutazo and Salvador know each other since both were bandmates in high school in Cebu. 

1AM is known for their songs about heartbreak, teenage love, and unrequited love. 

Their first song as a three-piece band was, “Wala Ka Na,” released on July 14, 2019. /bmjo

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