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Winter Wonderland Christmas at Mandani Bay

Mandani Bay ushers in the holiday season with its “Christmas by the Bay” event held at the Madani Bay Show Gallery.

Mandani Bay, a developing world-class lifestyle destination, brings many firsts to Cebu. The 20-hectare waterfront community is envisioned to be the next Asian urban landmark.

True to form, Mandani Bay is officially the first to hold a ceremonial Christmas tree-lighting ceremony this year.

An annual tradition that brings homeowners, partners, and guests together in celebration of the yuletide season, Mandani Bay’s theme this year is inspired by a Winter Wonderland Christmas.

The main feature is the lighting of four Christmas trees, glittering in silver and blue, each symbolizing the four ripples that represent the passions    of Mandani Bay – culture, adventure, creativity, and water.

Renowned fashion designer and musician Kate Torralba also serenaded guests on her piano; bringing feelings of nostalgia with her rendition of familiar Christmas tunes.

And as Mandani Bay brings a promise of many firsts and exciting things for Cebu, the guests were treated to a grand fireworks display that kept everyone in awe.

Truly, Mandani Bay has set the bar high for development in Cebu.

You can be part of this emerging vibrant community that is built around your passions and lifestyle.

Don’t miss the chance to visit their internationally-awarded show gallery at F.E Zuellig in Mandaue City and experience Christmas by the Bay!

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