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How you eat your ice cream tells you more about yourself

We all eat our ice cream differently.

Most of us prefer our ice cream in cups, while others want them on top of bananas or waffles. But here’s a scoop. How we eat our ice cream actually tells us what kind of person we are.

Curious if it all adds up to your personality? Find out more here:

Eating your sweet treat in a cup?

We all love ice cream, there is no denying to that. And we also love to keep our dress in tip-top shape and clean just like how we got out of the house. So if you eat your ice cream in a cup, chances are you’re cautious and conscious about how you present yourself. You are wise and confident at the same time because you don’t care how your sweet treat tastes and looks, as long as it’s not dripping all over the place.

Eating your ice cream with a spoon?

When we eat, sometimes we are conscious about how we behave and if our etiquettes are still in place. Those who eat their ice cream with a spoon proves that etiquette can still go down to even the minute details. You are all about the inner beauty of things. Because even though how aesthetically pleasing your cone looks like, deep down, all you care about is eating your ice cream from the inside.

Eating your ice cream in a cone?

Rules bring everything in order. And if you eat your ice cream down to its cone, chances are, you are a person who sticks to the rules. You are obedient and take things seriously. You hardly or even don’t try to break the rules, because you want everything to be in order, because for you, ice cream should be eaten on a cone down to its core.

It’s kinda cool and perplexing, how an easy task like eating your ice cream can tell a lot about yourself. There are still tons of things to tell about how people eat their ice cream and we barely just scratched the surface.

If you don’t mind, might we also suggest the store to eat your sweet treat? Yes! You read that right.

If you’re heading over to Ayala Center Cebu, grab a treat to cap off your meal with something sugary.

Taste the best ice cream at Fruits and Ice Cream at Level 3, near H&M, or at Gelatissimo at Level 1, near Seattle’s Best. You can even try Dairy Queen at Level 3, near Pizza Hut; and at Food Choices on Level 4, or at Cold Stone at the Level 4 garden area.

Come on, try them out now!

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