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Your ultimate Milk Tea guide In The City

Everyone already probably knows what the craze is all about that started just a few years back and had a rapid increase of orders in 2018. 

Yes, we’re talking about our favorite drink, Milk Tea. 

There’s nothing wrong with adding a little milk to your cup of tea to create a smooth flavour and sweet taste, it’s simply the perfect way to make that ordinary cup, more enjoyable to consume!

May it be sunny or cold outside, milk tea lovers can pair this popular drink to basically anything they have in mind. Milk Tea beverage for lunch, snack, dinner? Sure!

There are so many new and exciting flavours, types and even combinations of Milk Tea or also, Bubble Tea nowadays and it can be a little bit confusing on what particular drink to buy on your next purchase or craving. But don’t worry because we’re here to help you on that.

Check out any SM Mall near you and bring this guide with you that will lead you to your next favorite Milk Tea cup!

SM Seaside City Cebu:

Coco Fresh Tea & Juice, Mountain Wing Upper Ground Floor

Caramel Chocolate Cream, P155

Macao Imperial Tea, Mountain Wing Upper Ground Floor

Cheesecake and Pearl Milk Tea, P120


Double Ma Tea, Seaview Wing Second Floor

Creamcheese Milk tea, P155


Chatime Philippines, Mountain Wing Lower Ground Floor

Pearl Milk Tea, P95


Gong Cha, Mountain Wing Lower Ground Floor

House Special Milk Wintermelon, P95


Bubble Tea Station, Seaview Wing Upper Ground Floor

Merry Matcha Series, P115


Infinitea, Seaview Wing Second Floor

Okinawa Milk Tea, P99


Island Tea Company, Seaview Wing Upper Ground Floor

Green Tea Cream Cheese, P90


Dunkin’ Donuts, Mountain Wing Lower Ground Floor

Okinawa Milk Tea, P100


SM City Cebu:

Chatime Philippines, Upper Ground Level

Cream Cheese Madness, P140


Bubble Tea Station, Northwing Second Level

WIntermelon Special, P120

Macao Imperial Tea, Northwing Second Level

Cheese Cake Pearl Milk Tea, P120


Hukadkafe, Lower Ground Level

Ube Halaya Coconut Milk Tea, P79


Happy Cup, Lower Ground Level

Classic Milk Tea, P60


Dimsum Break, Third Level

Xie Ping, P95


Hebrews Shebrews, Third Level

Hebrews Shebrews Special Tea, P100


Gentlemen Cafe, Third Level

Wintermelon Milk Tea with Pearls, P80


Fried Chicken Master Ph, Second Level

Master Milk Tea, P85


Bon Appetea, Second Level

Nirvana WIntermelon, P90


McDonald’s, Upper Ground Level

Milk Tea McFloat with Brown Sugar Pearls, P90


Dunkin’ Donuts, Upper Ground Level 

Classic Milk Tea, P120


Gong Cha, Upper Ground Level

Pearl Milk Tea, P85


Chowking, Upper Ground Level

Pearl Milk Tea, P45


Starbucks, Upper Ground Level & Northwing first level

Vanilla Cola Foam Black Tea Latte, P130


Cocorica, Second Level

Royal Milk Tea, P120


SM City Consolacion:

Bubble Tea Station, Second level

Choco Matcha Large, P125


Zagu, Second level

Jamocha (Grande), P67

Learn more about SM Mall’s Milk Tea In The City promos by visiting their pages: at SM Seaside Side City, at SM City Cebu, and at SM City Consolacion.


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