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Liz Uy shows her book during its launching at The Gallery of Ayala Center Cebu. (PHOTO BY DR. FRANCIS XAVIER SOLIS)

Know your body type. Consider the importance of wearing the right undergarments. Keep a handy styling kit in your bag. Clothes have to perfectly fit. Never underestimate the power of a nice pair of shoes.

Everyone was all ears as celebrity stylist Liz Uy shared these tips during the launch of her book “StyLIZed.” Students, young professionals, socialites, fashionistas, moms and lolas flocked to The Gallery of Ayala Center Cebu’s Expansion to hear Liz talk about her best-selling book—the Top 10 style essentials every woman should have in her closet.

Walking the talk, brimming with confidence and charm, the Liz, the fashion editor-at-large emerged on stage, looking fresh in a white casual dress and stylized blazer and white pumps.

In this interview, Liz tells us about her book “StyLIZed,” her beginnings in the fashion industry, and where she is now.

Tell us the process behind “StyLIZed.”
I think the process took  two years because we did it one year and a half, pero sa tagal niya, parang ang daming editing. It was really hard. I was surprised. I didn’t expect that it was going to be that hard.  Well, a lot of people are involved. A lot of people have a say on  a lot of things. And that’s good. It’s worth the wait, I guess, and it turned out really well. In my book are my favorite clients, who  are also my friends. We really had a meeting kung sino ‘yung bagay sa white shirt and the other essentials.  Everybody supported me. They did it for love.

Was it your idea or did someone inspire you to do it?
It was Kris Aquino’s idea. She said, “Liz, when are you going to do a book? I think you should do a book with the basics.” I translated it naman. I asked Summit Media
to help me with it. My family, the Preview magazine. And I got people whom I worked with. Parang it’s not going to be hard. I got my brother Vince as creative director, Pauline Juan as my editor.

So things simply progressed  smoothly from there?
Yes. So, yeah, it was Kris’ idea. She pushed me to do it and I was like, yes! I realized it was the right time to do it as no one has done it. I just want to guide Filipinas.

I want them to be inspired. Mix clothes appropriately and know their body types. Everything about fashion is in this book.

Where were you and Kris when this idea come about?
I think we were on a shooting for one of Kris’ commercials.

Liz Uy during the interview with Cebu Daily News

What’s your day like with all these planning and styling?
Actually, a typical day would be going to meetings with my team, styling and a shoot, going to events, sourcing. But then, I did this book simultaneously because of all the shoots. So sometimes in a month, I only have three days for the book. And then ‘yung rest ko, I squeeze them in between schedules. So it was really a pet project .. with love. (Laughs).

Where do you usually work best?
I have my own office. And I also have a Summit office.

Do you work alone at times?
Yes, of course. I need that as a stylist. I know what I want so I do it first, then ask the opinion of others.

Who are the people that could influence you the most?
I’d say number one is my brother Vince. He’s creative director of  Preview magazine. Number two would be Pauline Juan who is my editor. Number three is Kris Aquino, because she’s my client and she has been in the industry for so long. She knows what I have to do, so she guides me.

If you can go back before “StyLIZed” got published, is there anything about yourself that you’d like to change?
Actually, nothing. Well, maybe lose weight a little. (laughs). Parang kaya ko pang pumayat noon, pero happy na ako. So maybe no, I won’t change anything.

What was the best part in having to write this book?
The best part was having a writer in the book. That’s Vicky Montenegro. I want to thank her. She’s my writer, so everything that I wanted to say, she executed it exactly the way I wanted the readers to understand. So ang galing. Na translate naman niya lahat— the thought process.

And what would be the most challenging?
It was getting all the schedules of the editors, celebrities, suppliers, make-up artists, photographers, because they all did it for love. All my clients did it for love. All artists and designers are number one in the industry. Wala akong kinuha na hindi magaling. So lahat ng andyan ay pagmamahal.

How many of them are we talking about here?
Thirty. Forty. A lot! And even the handlers.

Do you have a daily writing goal?
None, but it’s not random either. My schedule adjusts to my work schedule so I don’t have a personal life. Professional life is my priority. Papasok na lang ang salon, ang lifestyle, the everything after work or if I have time. (Laughs). Every day there are a lot of things going on, the trends. I research through magazines, blogs and websites, everything foreign and local, and also with the people I meet. I always get inspired.

Is there an important message in the book that you want readers to grasp?
Yes, it’s in my book. “From one stylized Filipina to another, a decade worth of my experience to help you on your quest for personal style.” I want them to know their own style. This is not  telling them that my way is the right thing to do. This is guiding them to know their own personal style. These are all basics you can find in your closet. You don’t have to buy all sorts of stuff.

So how does Liz Uy style?
Kahit ayaw ko tanggapin, we all have  flaws. Basically, we hide our flaws  flaunt what we can flaunt. It’s knowing your body type talaga.

What is your asset?
Parang nahihiya ako. (Laughs). I usually show my arms and my collar bones. (Laughs).

Which part of your body do you intently work on when going out?
I think it’s the hair. It changes you. If you want to look casual, put it down. If you want to look polished, put it up in a bun. I don’t think you have to put a lot of make-up. Just put on red lipstick, mascara, and you’re good.

Do you plan to write a second book, this time for men?
To be honest with you, I’m not really done yet with this book. I still want to push and promote it more. But a lot of people are asking for a men’s edition, so maybe next year, I’d do that. But, for this year, I really want to focus on touring the world. (Laughs). No, just nationwide. Then, we’ll see.

If you are to write a book about your life, what will the title be?
Ang hirap. (Laughs). It would be called the “Simple Life.” (Laughs). They all see me as glamorous. They should see the real me.

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