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Araneta Group awards P100K to Pizza Hut delivery rider who went viral

Philippine Pizza Inc. COO Chacha Junio (left) hands P100,000 in cash, and a certificate of recognition to delivery rider. Raymond Papellero, who went viral on social media for buying bread to share with the homeless during his delivery trips.

The Araneta Group of Companies (AGC) has given a cash windfall of P100,000 to a pizza delivery rider who recently went viral on social media for buying bread in bulk and giving the bread away to needy people he encounters along his delivery routes. The cash bonanza was given  Friday, April 17, in a simple recognition ceremony at the company’s head offices in Araneta City.

The cash bonus  was given to Cebuano pizza rider Raymond Papellero, who was showered with praises by netizens for using the  hard earned tips he receives from Pizza Hut customers to buy the bread that he doles out to indigents during this period of coronavirus pandemic.

Papellero’s kindness  went viral earlier this week when the owner  of the bakery he bought the bread from shared a post on social media. The post immediately garnered thousands of likes and positive comments from people of all walks of life. When news about his kindness  reached the management of the Araneta Group, they promptly arranged to reward him with a cash prize of P100,000.

“Mr. Papellero’s generosity is very much in line with the Araneta Group’s commitment to give  back to the community, and this cash award is a sincere appreciation of his benevolence”, said Chacha Junio, chief operating officer of Philippine Pizza, Inc. 

Papellero said there are many people in the streets begging for food nowadays. He said  he hopes there are others who will help them in any way they can. “I hope what I’m doing  will inspire other people to also share their blessings with the poor, especially during these difficult times,” said Papellero. 

He vowed to continue buying and handing out bread to people in need that he encounters on the streets. “For as long as I’m able to, I will keep on doing this every day”, Papellero said.

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