Getting over someone you were never really ‘official’ with

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Is there something more painful than a breakup with your partner?

Well, technically, there are a lot of things that are much worse than this and one of which is crying over someone you were never really official with— OUCH!

Yikes! This is going to be a painful kind of read but let’s walk you through on how you can get yourself back up from crying over someone you was never yours.

This kind of a breakup is a little extraordinary because you are breaking up with someone without even having to officially start a relationship with him/her in the first place.

Sit tight because CDN Digital will help you get over someone you was never officially yours.

Reality check

Before you start moving forward, check the situation, was it really worth the time, the tears, and the effort? Anchor yourself to the reality that there was never something serious between you two. Well, at least for the other person involved.

Re-set your focus

Instead of mopping around and feeling hurt, redirect your focus on something that is worth your time. Focus on self-healing and the learnings you had. There is no need for you to feel bad. Just know that this time, you have to focus on something real, lasting, and worth your time.

Acceptance is key

Yes, this hurts like hell but do yourself a favor and accept what has happened.  Once you get to accept the situation, everything else follows. Trust yourself that you can do it.

Close that door

Being in love with someone who just wants you when they feel like they do, is something that you do not deserve. So, close that door and prepare yourself for someone who is worthy, someone who will not just put a label on your relationship but someone who will make you feel that you are the apple of his/her eyes.

Fall in love AGAIN

Yesterday’s love is not tomorrow’s regret according to the band The Script. Stop being scared, this time love someone who is willing to love you back, care for you, and trusts you to be part of his/her life. Can you imagine how much love you can give to someone who is willing to love you back?

This heartbreak might leave a mark on your life, but remember that a mark will also leave behind a valuable lesson.

Never forget that someone is out there waiting for you, someone who will give you the love and respect that you deserve. / dcb

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