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Basic troubleshooting steps for your gadgets

“What to do when you accidentally dropped your gadget in water or it accidentally got wet because of spilled liquid?”

“My phone makes weird noises when I plug my earphones. Help!”

“The sales lady said to never let my phone charge until it’s 100 percent full!  But I fell asleep while charging my phone last night!”

“My five-month old phone is always slow, I think I need to buy a new one!”

Are you experiencing the same concerns as these frequently asked gadget-related questions on the internet?

In this article, CDN Digital gathered basic troubleshooting and time-saving techniques for your gadgets while at home.

When your gadget gets wet

If you can, remove the battery right away. Remove any sim cards or memory cards also. If the cards are wet, use tissue not wipes to dry them.

Then submerge them and your phone in a bowl of uncooked plain rice or silica gel. Leave them for at least a day or 24 hours before trying to switch it on.

If it doesn’t turn on, plug your device to its charger before plugging into the socket. When charging process is working properly, do not leave your gadget unattended.

Start the device after charging. But if your gadget is not charging, remove the charger.

When your device is not operating anymore, try to visit your nearest tech specialist.

Headphone / earphone problems

While many people already own wireless earphones or headphones, some individuals still prefer wired ones.

If the sound from your headphones or earphones start making noises, don’t automatically conclude that they are broken, try this first:

Test them on other devices or laptops, then if its working fine with no noise, then the problem is with your jack.

The reason for this problem is that your earphone jack is dirty. Try cleaning it with a vacuum to suck out all dust or particles that are causing the clog.

Next, you might want to check if your gadget needs an update or just simply needs a restart.


Some people think that overcharging smartphones are bad and others also think that you can’t charge them until 100 percent.

Smart technology in our phones is designed to stop our phone battery from charging after its 100 percent full.

Some brand-new smartphones don’t even need a full-charge before using them either.

If you think your phone’s battery life is draining too fast, it may be because many apps are open in the background.

Meanwhile, when you’re using your phone while it’s plugged in, it can also take longer to complete charging.

You can also check which apps are draining more battery in the settings of your device.

Slow apps and freezing

Glitches in one or two of your device’s apps can cause your whole gadget to slow down.

Make sure that your programs or apps are compatible with the software of your device. If not, delete them and remove the data that those programs stored in your device.

You can also try deleting temporary files and cache stored in your memory.

One basic troubleshooting device is also uninstalling and reinstalling problematic apps.

Bugs and crashes can also be caused by storage space. When you already tried removing some files to free space and other basic troubleshooting problems, you might consider checking with a professional or support from your device’s developer.

These are just some basic troubleshooting techniques you can try at home when your gadget is not working properly.

It is still best to check with a specialist to fix the problem of your gadget.

Know more hacks and tips?  Let us know in the comment section of this video.



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