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Level up your gardening game with terrariums

By: - November 23, 2020

There’s a technique plantsman and other gardening lovers swear by that allows them to continue planting indoors and make miniature gardens without the responsibility of constant watering and care. 

So if you love houseplants and nature, why not bring the scenery to your home by making an indoor mini garden with terrariums. 

Terrariums are a unique type of indoor gardening containers that can partially or fully encase your houseplants. This planting method allows heat and light to enter the container while confining moisture. 

A terrarium is like an aquarium, but for plants. It is made to look like a miniature garden or forest enclosed in a glass container. | Bryan John Yap

For four years now, Bryan John Yap from Cebu makes terrariums to continuously feed his fascination with nature. He finds re-creating a scene in nature using rocks, wood, and moss satisfying through making terrariums. 

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Yap, who is also a banker, started making terrariums to pass time not knowing that he will grow fonder with the process and the delight it brings to his home. 

Terrariums can add life to your space indoors and refresh your home. For those who want to get started, Yap shares the basic steps and the materials needed to make an indoor garden with the help of terrariums. 

There are open and closed terrariums that help plants grow allowing heat and light to enter but also recycling water. | Bryan John Yap


1. Get yourself a good container

To start, you have to find a clear glass container of any size, even a used and empty aquarium will do!

You can also start small with a cookie jar, a vase, or a round bowl. 

2. Prepare your substrate 

Like outdoor gardening, preparing your soil mix is an important aspect of making terrariums. 

You can use round marble-sized rocks depending on the size of your container, potting soil, and activated charcoal if you want to go extra that can help filter the water and help your plants to grow healthier and prevent the growth of fungi.    

3. Prepare your plants 

Have plants of different colors, shapes, and textures for variety and try to get the miniature plants that will not grow out of the container. 

Terrariums are a great way to make modern indoor gardens at home that doesn’t cost you too much, help purifies your air at home, and can be a good de-stress activity.


1.Start with layering an inch of rocks at the bottom of your container. This step is crucial for some planters to help the soil drainage and will help prevent the roots from getting water-logged. Other planters add a 1/2-inch-thick layer of activated charcoal next. 

2.You can fill up your container with your soil mix or potting soil next. Depending on your plants, some planters advise that it is best to fill the container up to half-full.

3.Carefully remove your plants from their original pots and gently tease the roots apart and remove some of the old soil to fit the terrarium.

4.Use your creativity. Just let your imagination flow! You can also research for inspiration and make sure your glass container is clean and shiny. You can play with moss, decorative rocks, and pebbles, fun decorations like pine cones, shells, and even ceramic animals and garden gnomes. 

5.Check your terrarium every day to check if the soil is dry and needs watering or cleaning.

You can make terrariums in less than an hour with very few materials that you can find at home. | Bryan John Yap

Terrariums are very easy to maintain and don’t require too much space, according to Yap.  

“All you need is to find the perfect balance of humidity and moisture inside the container to let your plants thrive. Once you are perfect with this, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3” Yap added. 

Terrariums are a great way to make modern indoor gardens at home that doesn’t cost you too much, help purifies your air at home, and can be a good de-stress activity./dbs

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