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Idea of steam inhalation for COVID-19 patients from Cebu-based doctor

CEBU CITY, Philippines- Last May 8, 2020, isolated patients in Cebu were introduced to the steam inhalation equipment.

The said equipment is a simple home remedy that can help people with symptoms of COVID-19.

Steam inhalation proved to be effective in alleviating congestion and breathing difficulties of COVID-positive patients.

All the patient has to do is to inhale the steam generated by boiling water from a kettle.

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The local government units in Cebu first took notice of the practice of the steam inhalation after Dr. Dale Y. Pasco, M.D., shared his findings online on how this simple remedy can help alleviate the breathing difficulties of COVID-positive patients.

Dale Y Pasco MD, FPCS, General Surgery

Dr. Pasco, who is from Clarin, Misamis Occidental but works in Cebu, is a Graduate of Medicine and a Board Certified General Surgeon and he has been practicing Natural Medicine for 30 years.

He had this idea of recommending steam inhalation for COVID-19 patients after he recommended it to his sister in New York who tested positive for COVID-19.

Steam inhalation is already a known practice in the medical field that can help soothe and open the nasal passages and get relief from the symptoms of a cold or sinus infection.

With the information from her sister on how the steam inhalation equipment helped her in her breathing difficulties, Dr. Pasco delved deeper in his knowledge on hydrotherapy in order to do his part in helping contain the virus.

Currently, Dr. Pasco is working on a proposal regarding his research on steam inhalation and he is now scheduled to meet with the various representatives from the Cebu City government tomorrow, May 12.

Dr. Pasco wishes to introduce the steam inhalation not only to the Cebuano community but hopefully to the whole Philippines./bmjo


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