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The Meagan Trees playlist

Indie Folk singer-songwriter from Dumaguete shares her music

You are socially distant and self-isolated. You may have run through all the latest shows to binge-watch on all streaming platforms.

You may not have quite the attention span to read a book you once promised to finish as the coronavirus anxiety starts to kick in on you.

So maybe it’s now time for you to take a reprieve by listening to songs that feel like they were written for this moment of emptiness.

Many artist have already risen to the occasion since stay-at-home mandates were imposed, and drew inspiration to music as a way to cope as the world adapts to a new normal.

Meagan Trees, 24, an Indie Folk singer-songwriter from Dumaguete, tells CDN Digital during a LOCKDOWN series online episode last June 5, 2020, that music has kept her mind healthy, drawing energy from the sound and translating it to a positive outlook in her day-to-day life.

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Posted by CDN Digital on Friday, June 5, 2020

Unlike most artists, her relation to her music is symbiotic, balancing her shortfalls through her raw tunes that speak of positivity, hope, and calmness.

“(My music) depends on how I’m feeling and the energy I receive around me. It can range from being about the smell of the ocean or to a lingering feeling from the past,” she said.

“The best thing about being able to make music it being able to connect to different kinds of people on a more spiritual level,” she added.

While we continue to navigate the uncertainties this pandemic brought us, we tried to score her energy and ask for a playlist she can share to help us get through rough times.

Here’s a list of tunes she suggests to help one go through the many moods isolation can bring:

Her parting words for her fellow musicians:

“Keep finding things to create. Keep being curious! One thing i learned is that whether you’re hurting, smiling, angry or frustrated right now, take a pen and paper and just start writing. Just do it, cause I know  your brain is already telling you that it’s not gonna be a good one but you have to get past that feeling or else you’ll miss an opportunity that could’ve been a hit or could’ve been loved by 3 important people in your life. Either way is a win-win situation, cause you just made a song.”


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