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For your pest control and sanitation needs: Mr. Donewell General Services will get the job ‘done well’

The Vargas family started its Mr. Donewell Pest Control business in Manila in 1978 to help commercial establishments and homes there manage its pest control problems.

In a short period of time, the family-owned business became known for its reliability in pest control and sanitation services.

And after four decades in the industry, Mr. Donewell Pest Control earned a reputation for its signature termite control and maintenance works.

The business continues to boost of its quality service even after it moved to Cebu in 1984 and after it changed its name to Mister Donewell General Services in 2015.

Now managed by Homer Vargas, 38, Mister. Donewell General Services is prepared to attend to your needs wherever you are in Cebu City and in Cebu province. 

“Our services will continue to be of the highest standards at very affordable rates.  Despite the price increase in chemicals, we have not raised our service fees and will do our best to keep our services at the same rates for the rest of the year as part of our duty to the community, “ Vargas said.

Mr. Donewell General Services offer different packages for quality and complete pest and virus control services.

Their services include:

  • Sanitary / Disinfection misting – inactivates certain viruses such as the coronavirus disease 2019 by using a unique fogging (room-temperature misting) system that addresses airborne and surface contaminations.
  • Pre-construction termite prevention works – sterilizes and installs chemical delivery systems that prevent termites from attacking your property. 
  • Hygienic pest control works – keeps your home, office or establishment sanitized by eliminating flying and crawling insects that may bring disease and illness. 
  • Rat control and abatement works – eliminates and controls unwanted, annoying and destructive rodents 
  • Garden pest control – promotes the growth of plants and trees by eliminating earwigs, ground beetles, weevils, ants and spiders.

With threats of the pandemic, Mister Donewell General Services has already extended its services to several banks, hospitals, and even homes in Cebu to make sure that its occupants are protected against the infection.

Their personnel uses machines that were imported from the United States and disinfection chemicals that were sourced from suppliers in the Middle East and Cebu to make sure that every job that they do is always “done well.”

Committed to upholding the company’s mission of being a frontrunner in the sanitation industry, Mister Donewell General Services continues to also provide retraining to its technicians and other personnel.

The company also provides its employees with complete personal protective equipment in compliance with the strictest personal and professional hygiene standards. 

Vargas said keeping their business’s reputation untarnished through the years, required a lot of commitment. 

“[But] as long as you believe in yourself and constantly challenge your business to innovate and provide better products and services, success will come. Not right away, but it’ll be right around the next corner,” he added.  

For inquiries and questions, you may contact Mister Donewell General Service at 0956 7296966, 09256453097 for mobile and 344-0336 or 344-0545 for landline.




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