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Project Mahiwaga: Raising funds for cellphone load to students in need


Project Mahiwaga

CEBU CITY, Philippines — College students in Cebu are looking for ways to provide 50 students with load cards to help them during their online classes.

Diane Jumawan, 22, an engineering student, told CDN Digital how their group came up with “Project Mahiwaga. To be a light to others.”

Twenty two volunteers are behind the project that aims to give at least 50 students budget for load for a week starting this August until December.

It all started when Jumawan felt the need to help to those students struggling with their online class expenses.

“I saw this post sa facebook and I really felt sad about it, and thought to myself I want to lessen the burden of some of these students experiencing the same thing that is portrayed sa post. Kasi grabe, it’s really the reality right now,” she said.

Jumawan started the project last week and with the help of some of her friends who volunteered in this fundraising.

And in just a week’s span, they were able to raise P 61,194.85.

How can students apply to be one of the recipients?

Go to their Facebook page, Project Mahiwaga, and fill in the needed documents.

The group has already chosen 50 students to be part of their project who they think deserves the assistance most.

Every week,  each student will be given a load budget to help them during their online class.

A kind and simple gesture by students as well to help those fellow students in need, especially now, as we head toward the “new normal” set-up in learning. /dbs

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