Stop! Read this before stalking your ex



CEBU CITY, Philippines— Aside from adding items to your online cart, what else is fun to do on social media?

Sharing of memes may be one, or checking in on the latest trending news could be another.

There’s also one thing others love to do— stalk.

Yep, you are guilty, we all are.

Stalking a celebrity crush is one thing, but stalking your ex? That’s a whole different story.

Past is past,  and stalking your ex shouldn’t be your “past” time.

Here are the reasons why:

Opening flood gates of emotion

Instead of moving on, you can only find yourself feeling sad and broken, AGAIN. If you see him or her happy with their lives you tend to compare your situation to theirs. That’s just too much to handle, don’t you think?

Takes your zen away from you

You tend to lose your focus in becoming better and allow yourself to be jealous and pretend to be happy even if you are not. Find peace in accepting the fact that that person belongs in your past now. (Ouch!)

Waste of time

Focus on the next chapter. Don’t let that person be the reason for you to be stuck at the moment.

Feeling insecure

You end up comparing yourself to the person your ex is dating now. Remember everything happens for a reason and that you are different. If he or she wants to be with someone else, so be it. You’ll have your turn in being happy.

Everything is good online

Remember no one puts bad things online. So you’ll get the feeling that they are happy even if they are not in real life. Focus on you and stop letting their post online get into you.

There are a lot of interesting things you can do while checking your social media account. Stalking your ex isn’t just one of them. So do yourself a favor, don’t stalk.

Stalking leads just hurts yourself to the point that it seems you are begging that person to take you back. Don’t ever go that low.

Chin up and move on. /bmjo

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