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By: - September 21, 2020

Social distancing measures around the globe have prompted the practice of self-isolation.

Due to these circumstances, thousands of people have revamped their living spaces, making use of every area available at home for possible working spaces.

Although remote work or telework is not an entirely new work arrangement, many are experiencing this for the first time. For others, it can be a bit challenging to find motivation.

Good thing there is one way to ease the crunch of working from home — by making our workstations comfortable with personal touches.

We reached out to some Cebuanos for home office inspirations. Here’s a glimpse of their work environment–from contemporary, classic, to everything in between– that can hopefully inspire you to reconfigure your space as we continue to work from home.


Kenneth Cobonpue

For multi-awarded Cebuano furniture designer and manufacturer Kenneth Cobonpue, creating a working environment that is comfortable and efficient is essential to avoid physical strain after working many hours each day. And his workspace just shows that.

With an abundance of natural lighting, Cobonpue’s work sanctuary is complimented with an awe-inspiring composition of his international pieces and a custom made table just for him.

But what really catches your attention would be this corner perfect for brainstorming new ideas and concepts—  Cobonpue’s Lasso lounge chair in terracotta perfectly placed in his workspace adjacent to his Parchment easy armchair.

Renowned industrial designer, Kenneth Cobonpue, makes sure his home office is ergonomic, where a lot of natural light can come in and surrounded with things that inspire him. | Kenneth Cobonpue

There’s something special about a wide table, simply spreading out what you need day and night with side chairs that adds texture to the aesthetic of this workspace, Cobonpue’s Yoda pieces both serves us functionality and form.

Make sure it’s ergonomic, otherwise, you will feel some physical strain later on. Place your desk near a window where a lot of natural light can come in. Surround yourself with things that inspire or make you smile like art, plants, or books. And of course, your WFH setup should be somewhat sacred in the sense that it is your own space, and not a communal one.

-Kenneth Cobonpue

And of course, you just can’t get enough of this well-balanced workspace with his Poppy hanging lamp designed by Christy Manguerra, and an elevating custome made painting by Christian Tamondong hanging behind the long desk.


Gazini Ganados

As our reigning Miss Universe Philippines takes a break at her hometown in Talisay City, Cebu, the model and beauty queen’s new arrangement at home has taught her to “live in the moment.” She achieves this by creating her own flexible schedule along with her workspace.

While she attends to hourly zoom meetings, squeezing in yoga breaks has been a life saver for her. So, she transformed her floor to her flexible work and exercise station.

Miss Universe Philippines, Gazini Ganados, loves working outdoors in their garden or with a yoga mat on her bedroom floor when taking zoom calls. | Gazini Ganados

Gazini’s cozy workspace features her bedroom’s neutral colors with a trusted fitness mat, some lighting and bedside flowers to match the simple yet elegant accent of her space.

A good WFH setup for me when I’m outdoors, specifically in the garden. Getting some fresh air while promoting a local product at the same time casually picking on my favorite fruits. -Gazini Ganados

Another WFH favorite of mine is inside the room with my pug, Jabba. Right after my meetings and interview, I also squeeze in a quick yoga session to refresh my mind and soul.”

Another glimpse to her outdoorsy personality and work from home setup is her family’s garden, where she also spends the afternoon working with a breath of fresh air.


Amanda LuYm

Cebuana jewelry designer and photographer Amanda LuYm has worked from home for the majority of her career. If you would ask her how she gets things done, her answer is simple. “It is important to respect the WORK.”

Now here’s her secret work station that helped her accomplished her many collections and projects.

Jewelry Designer, Amanda LuYm, is not new to an home office setup but she gets things done by having a semi-regular schedule between research and design beside an open window or a working desk. | Amanda LuYm and Dwight Lu

Bringing plenty of natural light in, LuYm’s home office overlooks the outdoor scenery of her man-made pond with lush greenery.

With a cup of tea ready and music playing in the background, Amanda’s afternoons are spent researching and laying out ideas for her next plans.

I have always worked from home so I keep things simple. If I am doing analog activities: I work at a desk with my sketching tools and materials spread out. If I am doing digital work: research and writing emails, that is reclined and set up for long stretches of screen time… The key is comfort and adaptability.

-Amanda LuYm

On days where she sketches and bringing the ideas on paper, her sketching materials and gadgets are spread out on her table near a window that allows soft light to compliment her work.


Jonathan Edmon Cimafranca

The events industry has also felt the outcome of the pandemic, and for someone who is always at events and shows, professional host and entrepreneur Jonathan Edmon Cimafranca says he has a love-hate relationship with working from home.

To have a great work from home setup, everything you need to achieve your tasks must be within reach. Also, pick an area where the internet connection is strong. If there are things you prefer like music or food you’d like to munch on, for me, it’s bread and coffee, to increase your productivity, then have it with you.

-Jonathan Cimafranca

Cimafranca likes his work station more simple and easy as he incorporates it in his bedroom. As a father of a 10-month old daughter, his setup is more manageable to pack up.

Taking out a foldable table together with a charcoal sofa, Cimafranca also manages to complete his online meetings and shows by having his cup of coffee within reach.

Professional Host and Entrepreneur, Jonathan Edmon Cimafranca, bears that the work from home setup inside his bedroom is not as easy for him but has allowed him to spend more quality time with his 10 month-old daughter. | Jonathan Edmon Cimafranca

But just because you want to keep things simple doesn’t mean you can’t add some accent to your work station, right?

You can elevate your work from home station by taking inspiration of Jonathan’s light purple curtains that sets a comfortable tone for soft lighting and by adding a faux fur area rug.


Divine Smith

Like your work station at home, the kitchen is also one of the most important parts of your abode, and for former Pinoy Big Brother Housemate Divine Smith, her kitchen and home office just happens to be the same place.

Of course we would all expect Smith to be a pro at self-isolation and staying indoors after her stint at PBB, but she is actually a nature lover!

Plant-based chef, Divine Smith, has been working on her new menu for her restaurant in their modern kitchen that doubles as her office during the pandemic. | Divine Smith

As a plant based chef, working from home has been essential for her and her business during the quarantine.

I’ve been feeling very blessed to be amidst nature and to be able to work in the kitchen – my two favorite places! I think that as long as you are passionate with what you do and have an organised work space, you can’t go wrong. -Divine Smith

Furnished with state-of-the-art appliances and modern white and grey cupboards, Smith’s kitchen is one of the highlights of their home where she spends most of her time coming up with new recipes and menus.

Her kitchen is also a semi open plan design that gives her modern kitchen access to natural lighting and you’ve guessed it right, she mostly prepares the ingredients and slices her vegetables on a glass table!


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