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Understanding the online shopping lingos

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Add to cart.

That’s one easy phrase almost everyone understands, especially those avid online shoppers.

But there are different terms in the online shopping world that some of us need to decode.

Let’s see if you are familiar with these online shopping lingos:

PM sent— clearly, almost everyone knows this. PM sent, means, private message sent. This lingo is commonly used when buyers ask the sellers about certain things pertaining to the products.  This is a much convenient reply than having to type the whole words, right?

COD— if you can’t pay cashless, “cash on the delivery” is the answer. Simple lingo that is also very simple to do.

SF— know what this is? This means “shipping fee” usually this abbreviation is used when clients ask if the items are already free shipping. Sellers simply add “SF” to their product photos online.

HM and LP  this simply means, “how much” usually this goes with “sis” or “sir” depending on who the buyer is and how he wishes to address the seller. LP is not lower pressure but, “last price.”

MOP— any guesses? Now, this lingo is the most important of it all because this stands for “mode of payment” this is when you know whether you can go with cashless transactions or do COD.

There so many online shopping lingos available out there and if you don’t get any of it, ask around or read this article and make this your online shopping dictionary. /dbs

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