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A blind man from Bohol, music, and a netizen’s call for help



CEBU CITY, Philippines— Music is for everyone to love.

Even for people with disabilities.

This is the story of a blind man in Guindulman town in Bohol province who took one netizen’s heart away.

Ronald Casil posted a video on his Facebook account last October 1 of Tatay Viviano Narisma, a 60-year-old blind man who loves to sing and play the guitar.

Narisma, who has been blind since his childhood years, leaned to music for survival.

Casil, who knew Narisma from two years ago during a charity birthday party, knew that Tatay Viviano’s story would be worth sharing for the world to know.

Narisma though learned to play the guitar in his teenage years just by listening to the sounds and figuring it out on his own and practice it with his guitar.

He married and he and his wife had four children, whom he raised through what he could earn through music.

According to Casil, Narisma has been traveling around the Philippines to join contests or to perform, but the pandemic put that on hold.

“I wanted to share his talent and his story because it is truly inspiring. Tatay has raised four kids with his wife through joining contests before and by doing gigs,” he said.

Although living with his wife and one of his grandchild, Tatay Viviano still needs help to sustain their daily needs.

This is where Casil enters, by posting the video, he hopes that more netizens can send in their help in any way they can to Tatay Viviano and his family during these trying times.


Blind man serenades online world

WATCH: A lolo from Bohol province serenades netizens online.Ronald Casil shared with CDN Digital his October 1, 2020 video of Viviano Narisma, 60, as he sings a Cebuano song while playing the guitar.Casil said that while Tatay Viviano is blind, he is able to play beautiful music. He decided to share his video of the blindman for inspiration and to spread good vibes.What do you guys think of Tatay Viviano’s performance? | Video courtesy of Ronald Casil via Immae Lachica #CDNDigital

CDN Digital 發佈於 2020年10月2日 星期五

Casil said netizens could check his FB account to reach out to Tatay Viviano and help him and his family survive through this pandemic. /dbs

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