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CEBU CITY, Philippines- There can be a lot of reasons for someone to build up frustrations.

It can be work-related, home life, love life, or in general frustrations about life.

Getting frustrated is a normal thing, but what’s not normal is not being able to overcome these frustrations and to let it out.

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Venting is one of the best things to do when you are filled with frustrations.

Most of us would like to vent to others while others would like to vent in other ways they can.

Here are some of the ways that you can do to vent out without talking to someone:

CRY IT OUT— simple but rewarding. When the baggage is just too heavy to carry and no one seems to understand, cry it out. It can help you ease the pressure and ease your mind to think straight after days of holding that frustration in.

WORKOUT — tire yourself out and release all the frustration in working out! This is going to be so satisfying for you as you try and punch, kick, balance, lift, and breathe those frustrations away.

CLEAN AND REARRANGE — we get frustrated by so many things and one thing that can truly help clear our minds is to have a clean place where we can stay and live for the moment to breathe. Clean your room, rearrange your things and you’ll be surprised by the satisfaction this brings — a signal of a new beginning.

CREATE ART — if you love art, this is the perfect venting option you have. Make scribbles, doodles, drawings, and many more, and just let your creativity take over your frustrations.

WRITE IT DOWN — if you don’t do arts that much, journaling will help you. Let those words out of your head and just live in the moment. Realize that things happen the way they do and that we cannot control all things.

Are there any more ways you do your venting? Let us know and share it with others to help them vent their frustrations too. /dbs

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