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TikTok trends that rocked 2020

By: - November 14, 2020

TikTok has played a vital role in keeping us sane during the lockdown and kept us connected with the ones we love while we were apart. 

Others have used the app in many different ways like to express their feelings or bust a dance move on social media for others to follow. Nonetheless, TikTok has become an integral part of millennials’ lives.

After then US President Donal Trump accused the video-sharing social network service TikTok as a national security threat in the US, Tiktok, in an attempt to cool down Trump’s jets, made a tentative deal to create a US counterpart which will be part-owned by US entities.

ByteDance, TikTok’s Chinese parent company opened bidding slots for Wallmart and Oracle, in partnership with Microsoft, with a sale price of $20 billion to prevent the app from being banned in the US following Trump’s accusations.

Though TikTok has selected its bidders, the deals however could potentially be derailed as ByteDance would need a license from the Chinese Government before it can sell to a US company.

Although no updates have been made towards the sale yet, TikTok continues to operate its app across multiple users in America.

So whether or not the sale will push through, let’s take this chance to look back at the biggest TikTok Trends that rocked 2020.

Amazing Video Transitions

On TikTok, anyone can make an amazing video even with little or no video editing experience- that’s if you have a little patience. 

Over the course of 11 months, we saw how “TikToker,” a word used to describe someone who is on TikTok, evolved through amazing and fun video transition. 

From people changing their clothes with lightning speed to locations switch, you can literally do anything with this app. 


this one was SOOO much fun & it’s def one of my fav vids ahh!! #transition #transitions

♬ original sound – Mingaling 2.0

Before and Afters

Everyone loves a good glow up, and people have found increasingly creative ways to document change over time. 

Six months ago, a wave of people recorded videos to a clip of Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away” with the caption “they say to take a video 6 months apart.” 

Now, people posted their “after” videos to showcase how much their style changed, and the results were amazing.


Don’t mind my hair in the 6months I thought I did something. #weightlosscheck #6months #thathairstriaghrfromscarymovie2

♬ The One That Got Away by Katy Perry – 𝘊 𝘩 𝘭 𝘰 𝘦

Dance Videos

TikTok won’t be complete without mentioning viral dance videos that took the internet by storm.

Popular dance challenges were set to the songs of “Say So” by Doja Cat, “WAP” by Cardi B, and “Tap In” by Saweetie.

Let’s take a look at these dance moves! 


NEW DANCE ‼️ This is our mood when @iamcardib posted our video on her instagram! @kltkatnat #wap #dance #cardib

♬ WAP(feat. Megan Thee Stallion) – Cardi B


@hptimes3 dc @yodamnmomma

♬ Tap In – Saweetie


Random Videos

While trends don’t fall into a category; that’s what’s beautiful about TikTok…

With the right fun, your videos can go viral. We could explain these videos but we’d recommend just experience them for yourself. 


Wait for pops to join in😂 #foryou

♬ Go Go Go Who’s Next? – Hip Hop Harry



🤍⛈ snack challenge.

♬ original sound – Kylie Jenner

If you did not smile or laugh while watching these videos… we don’t actually believe you.

Though the future of this app might be uncertain, no matter its fate, TikTok has already made an impact on social media this year and hopefully beyond!

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