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This 2021 remember these things

CEBU CITY, Philippines– Happy 2021, everyone!

Now we can really say, 2020 was so last year!

To make a long story short, we survived, and we are ready to face a new year stronger and wiser.

As we step into a new chapter in our lives, let us remind ourselves of these things:

You have a purpose— you are still here, crying, laughing, hurting, or healing. For whatever reason you have, you are still here, which means you still have a purpose on this earth. Live to live that purpose and rise above adversities.

You are capable— if you put your mind, heart, and soul to the things that matter, you are capable of bringing out the best in you. You are capable to make yourself happy without others’ approval, you are capable to live your life the way you want to live it.

You are loved— it may come in different forms of love languages, but remember that you are loved. Never let negative thoughts cloud your mind.

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You are unique— stop putting yourself in a mold where you don’t fit. Live to be different and be confident.

You are important— if you feel down, remember to read what is number one on this list. You are important because you have a role in this world. Move forward and be better.

Prayers work— they may not work in a blink of an eye or like magic, but it teaches us to be patient and to be kind to ourselves. It works in the perfect time.

You are able to see a new year because of these reasons. Remind yourselves of these things when the going gets rough. /dbs

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