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This new year will be different and here’s why

CEBU CITY, Philippines— This new year is going to hit differently for all of us.

This year has been tough on us and as we end this year we look back at the tragic things that we never thought we’d have to face in a year.

This new year will be different because…

Many are gone — almost all have lost someone special to them. It may be someone extra close or their acquaintances who bid their goodbyes. This new year will hit differently as we remember those dearly departed.

Others can’t come home for the holidays – before, we used to celebrate the new year with almost every member of our family being home, may they be from different parts of the world or the country. But this new year hits differently because most of them will have to celebrate the occasion where they are, alone, or with friends.

Many are fighting for their lives —  as we struggle to keep our families safe from the virus, many are struggling to win their battle against the virus. This new year will hit differently because of people we know who are in the hospital trying to see a new day.

Others still maintain a safe distance — even if we live in the same city, town, or region, this new year will hit differently as we try and discipline ourselves to maintain a safe distance to secure everyone’s well-being.

Learned that life is fragile—  this new year we will be able to celebrate life differently and live it to the fullest as 2020 taught us that our lives are as fragile as candy glass.

Hopefully, these differences will teach us to celebrate the coming new year with a grateful heart and to welcome it with a hopeful perspective.

The year 2021 is the year of the Ox and oxen are known to be hardworking, positive, and honest.

Be honest with yourself, look at the positive side of things in the face of mounting challenges, and work hard and wisely for a better future. /rcg

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