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‘Manapas sa Katubhan’ prenup shoot in Medellin

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Keeping touch with their roots.

This is the reason given by a couple from Medellin town in northern Cebu for their simple yet interesting choice of a prenup concept shoot.

Jobert and Charmaine chose to get out of the box for their prenup shoot and opted to do a “Manapas sa Katubhan” concept.


Simply because Jobert wanted to highlight his life as a “tapasero” during his younger years.

“It was a collaborative effort between us and the client specifically Kuya Jobert Narandan, also once a “tapasero”  in his younger age that’s why we came up with the concept “Manapas sa Katubhan” and also to recognize the culture in Medellin which is the “Katubhan Festival,” said Cholo Alburo, one of the photographers.

And Alburo and fellow photographer Harvin Kyle Monleon made sure that they capture each moment perfectly.

Medellin has been known lately for its Aisle of Medellin and its bamboo forest, but this prenup shoot highlighted the “OG” pride of Medellin— sugar cane.

Here are some of the shots of the couple’s “Manapas sa Katubhan” inspired prenup shoot:

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