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Things to ‘normalize’ in relationships today


CEBU CITY, Philippines— For many years now relationships are based on things that were normal from the past.

But as we try and live in the present, there are some things that need to be changed.

We all should normalize these things in every relationship:

Needing of alone time — if your partner does not want to spend some time with you and wants to spend it to himself or herself, let your partner be. Trust that your partner just needs time to remember who he is or she is. Do not take it the wrong way.

Adjusting boundaries — this helps in any situation you are in with your partner. Adjust your boundaries and focus on realignment rather than comparing your boundaries to others.

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Having difficult conversations — don’t push an issue aside for too long. Sit and open the topic and talk about it. The results may not be the best results, but they can help you and your partner arrive at a good one.

Doubts — not just about having a third party kind of doubts. Doubts about where your relationship is going. In our age now, time is of the essence and if you are in doubt of the things he or she wants, ask and get your answer, that makes it a whole lot easier.

What do you think should be some things that we need to normalize in every relationship today?


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