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Preparing for a new relationship? Read on

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Just got out of a relationship?

Are the scars still fresh? Are memories still replaying in your head?

Take time to breathe and accept the fact that it has already come to an end.

It’s time to promise yourself something better. Something that would last forever.

So in your next relationship, make sure to have these in mind:

It’s not all about fun and games

Remind yourself that you are not getting any younger and that you are bound to settle down with someone who sees you in their future. Have fun sometimes, but don’t let that define your relationship.

Time management is good

Remember to know when to compromise for each other. Let the time you spend together be the best time there is as well as the time you spent apart.

It’s going to be a long one

This will be the time you get to know and be with the person you see a future with, not just a person who you see as someone you can be with for just months for the heck of having someone to call your own.

It’s a good story to tell

Your next relationship will make your friends say “ I wish I had that too.” This will be the relationship everyone hopes to have. So make sure your next relationship will inspire others to make their relationships better.

A private relationship

No matter the ups and the downs, vow that you will solve it with just the two of you. Let others question how you are still together, keep your happy memories and sad memories between the two of you. The fewer opinions you hear the more you can know and solve your problems together.

Remember that before you go into a new relationship, make sure you are ready for something long-lasting. Take into heart these tips and be ready.


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