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22 Tango Releases Single Announcing Company Re-Brand

By: - March 04, 2021

It’s universal knowledge that music can make something beautiful out of the ugliest experiences.

This single performed by 22 Tango’s roster of artists is no exception. Titled, “Move Love,” it’s about “courage and hope amidst adversity. It highlights vulnerability and strength. It reminds us of the human capacity to fight and survive crisis,” as explained by 22 Tango’s CEO, co-founder, and writer of the single, Cattski Espina.

Move Love artists: (TOP L-R) J Russ, Jericho Streegan, and Dianne Tungol. (MIDDLE L-R) Vincent Eco, Gabriel Wong, and Kyle Wong. (BOTTOM L-R) LOURDES, William Wong, and Cattski Espina. | Contributed Photo

The song was born out of Cattski’s doubts and fears about the company’s survival and the community it serves in the midst of the pandemic. The words were her internal monologue made audible in this 80’s-inspired track, while the rap part was written by Gabe Wong of Wonggoys and LOURDES. There’s a fun back-and-forth banter between the two songwriters as if they’re promising that they have each other’s backs. As a response, Cattski sings, “I will move for you,” as if to say, they can all count on her as a leader. “We die first before we fail,” Cattski adds followed by a boisterous laugh. The making of “Move Love” is a reminder to themselves to keep fighting. It is also a message to everyone else that 22 Tango is here not just to stay, but to thrive and grow bigger.

For more information on 22 Tango Music Group, follow 22 Tango on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

As the company’s theme song, the single is also their anthem in announcing their re-branding under the name 22 Tango Music Group, a multi-faceted music company that includes music distribution and publishing, artist management, events, recording arts and production, and music education. The anthem is aligned with their official tagline, “Music That Moves,” which comes from the idea that music can move people emotionally and bring people together as in a movement.

“Move Love” is written by Cattski Espina and performed by her, Lourdes, Vincent Eco, Wonggoys, Alice Who, and Jericho Streegan. It was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Room Eleven Recording Studio.

Mark your calendars for the release of “Move Love” on streaming platforms on Friday, March 5. Watch out for the premiere on 22 Tango’s Facebook page at 8PM and the music video on YouTube.

For more information on 22 Tango Music Group, follow 22 Tango on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.



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