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Summer Wonderland: Create your summer stories at SM Seaside City Cebu

By: - April 04, 2021

What makes your summers memorable? Aside from your planned beach trips or summer night outs with your besties, a summer vacation is truly never complete without a fun story to tell.

This Summer, SM Seaside City Cebu will be giving us a flaming treat with their newest summer destination in the city — Summer Wonderland! 


If you miss heading out to festivals, Summer Wonderland brings you a safe take on enjoying outdoor activities with friends and family.

So before we head over to the newest summer event this 2021, here’s our Summer Wonderland essentials checklist, from fashionable outfits to those extra protection necessities that’ll not only complete your experience but also keep you safe in the new normal.  


1. Protect your eyes 

First thing’s first, let’s not forget some accessories that will help us see through the glare on sunny days! 

Enjoy the outdoors by wearing quality sunglasses, protect your eyes from elements like wind and dust or prevent any sun-related problems as you frolic at Summer Wonderland.

Sunnies | Upper Ground Floor, Cube Wing SM Seaside City Cebu

2. Look fabulous

It’s all about expressing yourself when attending Summer Wonderland! So translate your personality into your style and let your fashion speak for itself. 

But aside from your look, you should also remember that being outdoors requires a lot of moving around so comfort matters when choosing your outfit. Go for clothes that will make you comfortable and allow you to move freely. 

You can also mix up your festival getup with some trendy pieces or colorful attires that can level up your experience and make heads turn!

American Eagle Outfitters | Upper Ground Floor, Seaview Wing SM Seaside City Cebu

3. Pack the essentials

 Always bring a handy bag to keep your items such as gadgets, IDs, wallet, and water bottles so you won’t have a hard time looking for things you need once you’re at the venue.

Also, go for a quality lightweight bag that can carry all the items that you need and keep them organized.

Doughnut | Upper Ground Floor, Cube Wing SM Seaside City Cebu

4. Choose the right footwear

Your feet deserve the right care especially when you spend so many hours walking or standing up, so it’s only necessary to bring with you comfortable shoes that won’t compromise the style and look you are going for. 

From trendy foam clogs to classic sneakers, you can pair your favorite summer outfit with any footwear that you wish as long as it feels comfortable and won’t injure your feet after the fun and festivities.

Crocs | Lower Ground Floor, City Wing SM Seaside City Cebu

5. Don’t forget your sunscreen

Sometimes we can get too excited and forget that we have been under the summer heat for too long! Thus, we should come prepared with some extra SPF protection to avoid painful sunburn and skin irritation. 

Watsons | Upper Ground Floor, Seaview Wing and Second Floor, Mountain Wing SM Seaside City Cebu

6. Bring some back-up

The last thing you would want at an event is empty batteries! Avoid this by taking with you some extra batteries or portable chargers such as a power bank. In this way, you won’t miss taking mementos of the experience using your phone or digital camera.

Anker | Third Floor, Cube Wing SM Seaside City Cebu

7. Mask up and shield’s on! 

Don’t forget that as you have fun at Summer Wonderland, you should always follow health protocols and safety guidelines to stay safe and make memories more enjoyable. SM Seaside City Cebu is strictly implementing strict sanitation protocols and strict social distancing apart from crowd control management. Watch the video below to find out more:


Now you’re all ready to head over to Summer Wonderland starting this April with your friends or family! Use this checklist before heading over to SM Seaside City Cebu to make sure you will have a memorable summer!

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Have an #AweSM Summer with the SM Squad this April 4 to June 6, 2021, and don’t forget to follow SM Seaside City Cebu (Official) on Facebook and @smseasidecitycebu on Instagram to get the latest updates on exclusive deals and more!

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