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Streaming 101 with Cebu’s Charess Kurogane

By: - April 26, 2021

Staying at home due to quarantine measures allowed us to revisit, if not, discover new game titles that helped us stay occupied while we did our part in staying at home.

This also paved the way for the rise of streamers- the act of sharing your video content live through streaming channels like Facebook, Youtube, and Twitch.

The most popular games streamed are Mobile Legends, Valorant, League of Legends, Dota, among others.

Lockdown with Charess Kurogane: Streaming 101

Join us and learn how to start up your streaming career and take your contents to the next level with streamer and cosplayer Charess Kurogane in a Streaming 101 session only at Lockdown: a break from the outbreak Year 2.This is CDN Digital's What’s Up LIVE interactive session special to bring you entertainment, inspiration, and hope during these difficult and trying times.Dasig lang Sugbo!#lockdown #BreakFromTheOutbreak #covid19PH

Posted by CDN Digital on Friday, April 16, 2021

In a recent “Lockdown” episode with Charess Kurogane, one of Cebu’s finest streamers and Cosplayers, she lends her expertise in the hopes to inspire more Cebuano streamers.

According to Kurogane, the pandemic saw the rise of numbers in the streaming community.

Twitch reported that it registered 3.5 million new streamers last year. While most countries as still in a form of lockdown, the streaming platform sees continuous growth in their members and users.


Among the perks of streaming, according to Kurogane, is the ability for streamers to earn extra income besides their full-time job.

Kurogane shared that she had a regular job but quit and started focusing as a full-time streamer.

“Certain metrics have to be met in order for you to earn,” she explains.

For Facebook, you have to set up a streaming page, meet the required minimum number of followers and streaming hours, while other streaming platforms require longer hours of streaming, depending on their metrics.

Like Kurogane, famous full-time streamers in the country include Alodia Gosiengfiao and ChooxTV, who just recently bought his new house all from his streaming income.

While for some streaming might be easy, Kurogane explains that she also had her struggles when she first started.

“It was hard at first because talking on screen for hours is not easy especially if you’re shy… But eventually, you will learn the ropes,” she said.

“There’s no secreted to getting many views, or earning more likes, you just have to continue streaming and be passionate about it,” Kurogane explains.


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