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For Health Workers Day, Hi-Precision Diagnostics Honors Medical and Non-Medical Staff, looks to recruit more people this 2021 

By: - May 07, 2021

Health workers are a vital yet underappreciated sector of our society. And yet they are needed more than ever not only in fighting COVID-19, but in helping the country recover from the long-term effects of the pandemic.

This Health Workers Day, Hi-Precision Diagnostics Cebu looks not only to honor health workers in Cebu for their service, but to hire more medical and non-medical staff to help serve Cebuanos in a post-COVID world. Here in Hi-Precision Diagnostics, our greatest asset is our people. If it were not for the brave men and women who continued serving, many patients would have not gotten the treatment and healthcare that they needed during this pandemic.

Be it medical technologists, doctors and nurses, to non-medical support in the Admin Department to messengers and drivers, a major health institution like Hi-Precision Diagnostics needs the dedication of everyone for the laboratory to continue caring for patients. And time and time again, Hi-Precision Diagnostics Cebu staff members continue to have more stories of saved lives, especially during these difficult times.

 Hi-Precision Health Workers: Saving Non-COVID Patients in the Year 2020

In the height of the pandemic, the main contribution for Hi-Precision Diagnostics was to stay open to serve the non-COVID patients. As hospitals were filled to capacity with rising COVID cases, patients suffering from other sicknesses still needed quality healthcare. During these times, Hi-Precision stayed open in seven of its eight branches, providing a safe and clean environment where patients could still come and get themselves checked.

Hi-Precision Diagnostics Cebu’s Facebook page is filled with testimonies and heartwarming stories of patients whose lives have been saved thanks to early testing and treatment. In the words of Clare, a CT Scan patient, “Wa sad ko ka-expect nga ang technician, comforting kaayo. Ma-feel jud nimo nga na-worry kaayo sila ok ra ba ka.”

Brave, dependable, and compassionate, Hi-Precision is also proud to be a company that is 80% women. This was commemorated in a Facebook post for International Women’s Day in March 2021.

For those interested in applying to Hi-Precision Diagnostics Cebu, kindly submit your resume to  [email protected].

To ensure the safety of both patients and staff, Hi-Precision has regular disinfection and UVC Light sanitation of laboratory premises, as well as strict enforcement of temperature checks and social distancing. Throughout 2020, the diagnostic laboratory has also provided its frontline workers with complete PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and vitamin C. This is to ensure the safety and good health for those in the front lines of saving patient lives through quality healthcare at reasonable prices.

Non-Medical Workers Just as Important

The effort and sacrifice of health workers like doctors and nurses are praised on social media, and for good reason. But the work of medical frontliners would be impossible without the support of non-medical workers. The regular disinfection of laboratory premises performed by janitors, the delivery of supplies by messengers, or the systems maintenance of IT staff may not be featured in the headlines, but these workers equally contribute to Hi-Precision Diagnostics in the vital effort of saving patient lives.

Hi-Precision messenger Roger works a thankless job delivering specimens and reagents between branches, and yet he feels a satisfaction in working for the company. In his words, “Siyempre nakuyawan ko sa COVID-19, pero og mobali ang situation ba, naay mga pasyente nanganha sa lab nga kinahanglan og medical service. Sa karong panahona, mas kinahanglan ta nila.” From messengers to customer service and admin staff to doctors and medical technologists and X-Ray technicians, everyone plays a part in ensuring Cebuanos are given the quality healthcare they deserve in Hi-Precision Diagnostics.

Further Growth Opportunities in the post-COVID Philippines 

With news of variants and vaccines entering the Philippines, the future certainly seems unclear. But what Hi-Precision Diagnostics promises to aspiring applicants are job security and growth opportunities at a time when nothing is certain. During this time the company continues to provide full-time work at a competitive salary and benefits to their people even in the toughest times of the pandemic and for the long haul.

One key benefit to working in Hi-Precision Diagnostics long-term is the chance to get a good steady income while still living in Cebu, close to family and loved ones. In addition, the diagnostics laboratory provides its people with HMO Insurance, subsidized laboratory tests, scholarship programs for employees with families, rice allowance and many more.

Hi-Precision’s staff may have the duty of taking care of the people of Cebu during the pandemic, but the company also looks after its people through competitive salary, extensive benefits, and job security during an uncertain future.

For those interested in applying to Hi-Precision Diagnostics Cebu, kindly submit your resume to  [email protected].


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