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Funny things you think during your first yoga class

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Yoga is a practice everyone can try.

Contrary to what we sometimes see online about yogis doing very complicated poses and be so flexible, yoga is also very calming and satisfying.

Learning to be one with your breath and being aware of it is the best yoga trick there is.

But let’s take a little trip down the funny avenue by sharing some of the thoughts first-timer yogis think about during yoga class.

“Shoot, I can’t balance”

Within the first few minutes of the practice, simple poses that require a little bit of balance will welcome yogis. And this concern will always come to mind. Yogi, just remember to breathe and do the best you can.

“I can’t hold it”

Trying to hold a pose for 20 seconds for the first time is not something easy and fun to do. First-timers would feel like they would easily collapse. But hang in there. You got this.

“Please don’t fart please don’t fart”

You can wish for that person in front of you not to fart or wish it upon yourself. But don’t worry, if it happens, don’t stop it.

“I need water”

Five minutes into the practice, you already want to drink water, ASAP! That’s not a joke. That’s just how your body reacts to this activity.

“Are we almost done?”

Another five-minute-mark thinking is this one. It will feel like it has been going on for hours but when you look at the clock, it has only been five minutes into the stretching.

Yoga is not all quiet and serious, there can be fun moments that could help you get by.

Just remember to focus on yourself and do the best you can. It does not have to be perfect right away so be patient and breathe!


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