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Trans-Asia launches biggest brand-new Ropax from Japan, MV TA21

By: - July 17, 2021

Trans-Asia Shipping Lines unveiled its newest flagship vessel built in Japan, MV Trans-Asia 21. Following its successful sea trial, MV Trans-Asia 21 is set to ply the Cebu-Cagayan De Oro-Cebu route in July 2021. It is part of the Chelsea Group’s program to move forward with its commitment to provide Filipinos a fleet of modern, fuel efficient, clean, and superior quality ships.

MV Trans-Asia 21 which measures 123 meter in length and with GRT of approximately 8,800 tons, is Trans-Asia’s 15th vessel and can carry 1,051 passengers.  For cargoes, MV Trans-Asia 21 can accommodate 10’ and 20’ container vans, 20’ plugged-in reefer vans, buses, 10-wheeler trucks and heavy equipment units.

MV Trans-Asia 21’s lobby | Contributed Photo


MV Trans-Asia 21 is another phenomenal revolution in ship design, meticulously configured for the Philippine waters to perform well even in rough sea conditions. With its state-of-the-art bridge equipment and advanced engine machineries and propulsion, it offers the most energy-efficient ship of its class. Its hull design is crafted to reduce drag and improve efficiency.


MV Trans-Asia 21 promotes sustainable shipping together with sister companies, Chelsea Shipping, Starlite Ferries, and SuperCat Fast Ferry. The Chelsea Group’s thrust of responsible maritime transportation and logistics makes it at par with the global shipping standards.

MV Trans-Asia 21 is an environment friendly vessel that emits reduced carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Other innovations towards eco-sustainability includes onboard freshwater generator that converts sea water into fresh pure water, and an IMO Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC)-compliant marine incinerator that burns solid and/or sludge waste generated onboard.

MV Trans-Asia 21’s Dynamic Cuisine Restaurant | Contributed Photo


Every area of MV Trans-Asia 21 is built with the Company’s slogan, “At Home Ka Sa Byahe,” in mind. The vessel’s spacious hallways and accommodations address the concern for physical distancing during the pandemic, ensuring passengers’ safety onboard.

A relaxing and enjoyable ambiance can be felt in the lobby area. In the lobby is the information counter where a hotel officer is stationed throughout the trip to assist passengers. Beside the lobby is the Starsy Shoppe, a convenience store which offers budget friendly items, from light snacks and refreshments to souvenirs, toiletries, and other necessities. The spacious sun deck is open to passengers who want to take instagrammable sceneries and see the beauty of the ocean from above.

MV Trans-Asia 21’s Ferry Seats | Contributed Photo

MV Trans-Asia 21 offers a wide range of accommodation that passengers could choose from depending on their preferences. Aside from the standard economy class with open air accommodations, there’s the Tourist class, airconditioned Ferry seats, Tourist deluxe class for barkadas and small groups, Cabin and Private rooms with own toilet and bath.

For the convenience of senior citizens, persons with disabilities and pregnant women, an elevator is provided onboard. MV Trans-Asia 21 also has a spacious restaurant, Dynamic Cuisine, serving budget-friendly home-cooked meals.

Navigated by the competent crew, MV Trans-Asia 21 is positioned to lead the way into a future of cleaner, safer, and more comfortable sea travel experience for Filipinos.

MV Trans-Asia 21 ‘s Private Room | Contributed Photo

Chelsea Logistics President & CEO Chryss Alfonsus V. Damuy said, “MV Trans-Asia 21 was contracted for shipbuilding with a highly reputable Japanese Shipyard several months prior to the onset of the pandemic and is in partnership with one of the biggest private ship owners in Japan. The shipping industry might have been badly hit by the pandemic, but we are convinced that this investment will generate revenue and profit contributions for the Group. The Philippines, being an archipelagic country, composed of 7,641 islands, is largely dependent on shipping to move people, goods, and services across the globe. We are certain that the shipping and logistics industry will recover faster because it is essential and a necessity in global trade.”

For more information on Trans-Asia’s schedule, visit Buying Trans-Asia ticket is made more convenient with our Online Ticketing portal or through our numerous Trans-Asia ticketing outlets. You can also reach us at (032) 2546491 to 98 or send an email to  [email protected] for your cargo needs.


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