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Lara Quigaman on family, success and her relationship with God

CEBU CITY, Philippines—Former beauty queen Lara Quigaman shares her thoughts about contentment and her personal experience with Jesus Christ in a Facebook post.

Quigaman uploaded a throwback photo of her as reigning Miss International on Sept. 26, 2005, side by side a family photo that was taken on the same day in 2021.

She is the fourth Filipina to have won the crown, after Gemma Cruz in 1964, Aurora Pijuan in 1970, and Melanie Marquez in 1979.

Now, Quigaman is a mom to three boys namely Moses (1), Tobias Nolan (3) and Noah (8) to husband Marco Alcaraz.

The former beauty queen turned actress shared a her realizations some 16 years ago in the lengthy caption.

“Today Sept 26, 2021 and 16 years ago Sept 26, 2005 😲 🤍

16 years ago, I thought I knew what I wanted. I thought achieving my ‘greatest dream’ would fulfill me. That winning the crown was enough…. I was wrong,” Quigaman expressed in her post. 

She said that despite winning a crown, being successful in her career and even having a good family by her side did not satisfy her. 

Quigaman shares that it was her spiritual connection that fulfilled her. 

“I got all that I wanted, but I felt empty. So ano pa ba ang kailangan to feel content, peace, joy?

A crown? A career? Wealth? A good husband? Children?

Everyday I thank God for my 4 boys, I love them oh so much! But not even my family could have filled that hole I felt I had.

You see, No title, no amount of money, no power, no fame, No One, NOTHING can ever satisfy the heart and soul but Jesus alone,” she wrote.

Quigaman said she was very grateful to God for realizing her dream of getting that crown. And she has a message to her followers. 

“Unless you seek God with all of your heart and surrender to Him 100% nothing will ever make sense, nothing will be enough. Seek Him today. He is all we need!,” she said.   /rcg

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