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Today, lets’s be more mindful of…

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Being mindful is a powerful tool to living a peaceful life.

And it will not cost you anything. All that is needed is for you to have that extreme sense of awareness on how our thoughts and actions will affect others.

Being mindful simply means being careful.

Today, start being mindful of your…

Intentions— as you sit on your chair ready to get the day going, think of that very intention that you want to guide your work’s outcome. For example: my intention today is to focus. 

Reaction— you have ample amount of reasons to react negatively or positively to every situation.  Just make sure that you react the way you should and not how you want to react to a given situation. Simply reacting is one thing but responding is another and is a much better thing to do.

Time— manage your time wisely so you won’t always have to be in a hurry. Remember everything can be arranged according to priority. Practice that. 

Thoughts– -we get busy sometimes that we no longer listen to our thoughts. We try to shrug it off and continue with our day. If your thoughts are not on your work, then the outcome will never be as good as when you try to focus. Give time to acknowledge your thoughts. 

Use of social media— social media is one tricky medium to use.  At one point, it will help you reconnect with people, then at some point it can also heighten your insecurities. Be mindful of how you use it, when to use it or even stop using it.

Don’t feel pressured to do all these today. Just take it one step at a time and you will soon get there.  Let these be your guide as you start to practice being mindful of the people around you and of what is going on in your surroundings. 

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