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Remembering departed loved ones during Christmas made more meaningful at Angelicum Garden of Angels

By: - December 04, 2021

During the merriest season of all, people around the globe celebrate the holidays filled with joy and laughter.

Dinner tables will be filled with a feast and piles of presents will be placed under the Christmas tree.

However, there are also people who will remember their departed loved ones during this season of mirth.

While visiting a cemetery or a memorial park might be an unlikely thing to do during Christmas, it isn’t the case for those who are still mourning the loss of their loved ones.

Some would actually go for picnics at a memorial park, visiting the graves of their loved ones, lighting candles, offering prayers, reminiscing stories, sharing a small feast, and even taking a nap.

Visiting a memorial park during the holiday season is a tradition for some. | Contributed Photo

But celebrating Christmas at memorial parks will be best enjoyed if you choose the right place to lay your loved ones in peace.

At Angelicum Garden of Angels, not only do they provide the most comprehensive memorial care at a beautiful location, but it’s also a great outdoor destination for the living with a serene ambiance that can be surprisingly uplifting.

Nestled at the heart of Mandaue City, Angelicum has a lot of facilities for visitors’ enjoyment | Contributed Photo | Know more about Angelicum’s various facilities

Located at the heart of Mandaue City, their landscaped gardens have picnic facilities, a pavilion, a playground, and a lagoon area for visitors’ enjoyment. They also have a meditation garden and a Park Chapel perfect for a peaceful reflection.

To know more about memorial investments offered at Angelicum Garden of Angels, visit their official Facebook Page or contact 350-6505/ 0917-3284165

At this time of the year, many families would already have gathered to Angelicum for their Christmas celebrations but with the threat of the ongoing pandemic, some may have placed their plans on hold.

Contrary to the expectations of a lower number of visitors this year, Emily Bihag, Park Administrator at Angelicum, shares that they are actually expecting more people to visit Angelicum.

We are expecting more visits this year compared to last year. We have more interments this year aside from the fact that our clients feel safer in our premises due to its cleanliness,” Bihag said. 

Angelicum Garden of Angels has 8 hectares of sprawling landscaped gardens. | Contributed Photo | Learn more about Angelicum Garden of Angels

Angelicum has set strict health protocols to ensure the safety of its visitors. They have implemented safety guidelines since the start of the pandemic aside from adhering to the guidelines of the IATF and the Executive Orders of the Mandaue City Government. They also take pride in their 8-hectare open space where people can safely practice proper social distancing.

All Angelicum staff and crew are also fully vaccinated and the management makes sure to monitor and care for the health condition of its employees

So for those who are willing to visit the memorial park, worry not as Angelicum prioritizes your health and safety.

While cemeteries or memorial parks are mainly defined as a solemn place for the dead, there is another context that memorial plots can now serve as a good investment.

The pandemic is generally a tough and dark time for us but it’s also a period for considering practicality on wealth and investments.

According to Bihag, with the rise of Angelicum’s AtNeed interments because of the COVID19 pandemic, they noticed that more people start realizing that investment is not only in the form of houses and lots, condos, and cars but also a resting place where one can be at peace with their departed love ones.

Apart that Angelicum can provide a good resting place for our departed loved ones, their memorial plots can also serve as a good investment. | Contributed Photo | Call Angelicum to know more about their memorial investments 

The idea of investing in a memorial lot can sound morbid to some but everyone would eventually need it and it can also be a good investment opportunity. While we should all focus on the present, it’s also sensible to prepare for what may come ahead so it’s best to be prepared.

“At Angelicum, we not only believe in giving you great value for your investment. We believe in giving you the best, not just in value appreciation, but also in service at an optimum,” Bihag said. 

To know more about memorial investments offered at Angelicum Garden of Angels, visit their official Facebook Page or contact 350-6505/ 0917-3284165

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