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Bloq Soho Lofts delivers on its promise

By: - December 10, 2021

It is a rare happenstance when reality lives up to its hype. When it does, the gratification is one part joy and one part relief. Case in point, Bloq Soho being all that it is said to be.

The interior of Bloq Soho Lofts. | Schedule a tour here

This past week, Bloq Soho Lofts’ appeal was on full display. The concept of urban city living for the young entrepreneur was nowhere near as tangible and crystallized as at the 3-day open house on-site at P. Sanchez St, Pagsabungan Rd, Mandaue City. With construction having been completed, one walks in with full appreciation of the artistic approach and engineering expertise it took to fulfill the promise of Bloq Soho. Its aesthetic echoes the sleekness of New York’s steel and glass structures, giving a cosmopolitan flavor to homeownership, inviting one to live a lifestyle fit for the stage it sets. Adding to the experience was the art exhibit by Celso Pepito and Fe Pepito, two renowned Cebuano artists. With their beautiful works displayed in one of the model units, one can’t help but appreciate the perfect marriage of Soho’s space and art.

Gallery Show inside Bloq Soho Loft model unit. | Learn more about life at BLOQ Residences

The open house culminated with an invite-only “Acoustic Afternoons at Soho” event on Saturday, December 4.  Organized to showcase Bloq Soho Lofts, the event was a veritable soiree, as real estate agents and their guests mingled throughout Bloq Soho’s grounds. Here’s to set the scene: a courtyard bordered by foliage, blending an avant-garde feel with a bohemian touch; people walking through warmly-lit glass-paned hallways, to then come through the door and be greeted by a view of the Soho unit. With its high ceiling, tall glass windows, and curated furniture, it feels and looks to be one of a kind.

Bloq Soho Lofts tapped into our desire to live out what it offers – a fun, sophisticated, and urban lifestyle.

As the afternoon progressed, musical guests started their sets. Starting off with Alex Alix who performed an acoustic medley, the afternoon relaxed into the best kind of Saturday. Local music hit-makers, the Wonggoys, soon performed as well – a special treat for those who have been waiting to enjoy their music live. The sound of music weaved across the crowd, beckoning more guests to the courtyard. As it got dark, lights started to turn on and cast a muted glow on the building, accenting its appeal. Walking through a Soho unit and exploring the grounds this weekend, was a delightful surprise. If one wasn’t sure what to aspire to have, somewhere on top of the list would be this. 

Acoustic nights at Soho Loft Courtyard. | Stay updated with their events here

If the intent of the 3-day open house was to capture our imagination, it succeeded. Bloq Soho Lofts tapped into our desire to live out what it offers – a fun, sophisticated, and urban lifestyle. It was akin to walking into a young professional’s vision board. It would convert any naysayer into a believer. It has been marketed as the premier choice for the ambitious, and upwardly mobile young worker, and we now understand why. The bar has been set by Bloq Soho Lofts, and it has been set high, indeed.


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