PH content creator Inka Magnaye shares thoughts on how divorce can save a family too

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Inka Magnaye, a famous voice over artist in the Philippines and one of the most followed TikTok content creators in the country, opened up about the sensitive topic of divorce to her followers.

Magnaye has been known to share her life experiences through her social media platforms to also help others cope with similar issues. 

This time, she spoke of her parents’ decision to get a divorce in order to save their family. 


She shared bits of what their life was like before her parents separated.

“There were so many nuances in the story of my parents’ separation, but long story short they were just not good for each other. And you know who felt that the most? The children. Me and my two younger siblings,” she said. 

She said if a couple decides to continue to live under one roof despite their differences “for the kids,” they better think twice.

Children, she said, would rather have peace at home and see their parents happy even if they no longer live on the same house. 

Magnaye said her parents separated when she was 18.  Although she is now 32-years-old, the healing process for her and other members of their family continues.

Looking at the brighter side, Magnaye said, members of their family are now happier than ever. And for that she is grateful. 

“Now my parents are wonderful friends and great co-parents, fully functional as the team they were supposed to be because they are both happier now, free of the obligation to stay with each other. Well, almost. They’ve freed each other to live their own lives, but some people still don’t see them as single people and judge them as such just because they’re still “married”. On paper,” she added. 

Based on her experience, Magnaye said that getting a divorce is not at all that bad.

“Sometimes, in a lot of cases, divorce saves families and gives them a chance to start over. We aren’t broken. We are blended,” she said. / dcb

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