Kryz Uy welcomes ‘baby #2’ into Skyfam

'It was a whirlwind of a story with luck playing a huge part'

Photo from Kryz Uy’s Youtube vlog

CEBU, Philippines— Cebuana influencer Kryz Uy gave birth to her second baby with Slater Young on May 21, 2022. 

Kryz shared some of the scenes from her second child’s birth, from labor to the delivery room, in her latest vlog posted on Wednesday, May 25, 2022.

“He made it. He’s here ❤️,” Kryz said in the caption of her vlog.

“A raw, positive and emotional birth vlog and story for you all today. So happy to finally welcome Baby # 2 into the Skyfam. There were some complications in the end, but God is good and made sure we were all safe and sound. From contractions at home late into the night, to saying goodbye to Scottie before heading to the hospital in the morning, to my OB getting a flat tire, and that flat tire ending up saving baby… it was a whirlwind of a story with luck playing a huge part. ❤️ Welcome to the Skyfam, baby!,” she shared.

The couple shared that the baby was 37 weeks old, which means he was three weeks ahead of the 40-week full term pregnancy. 

Kryz revealed in the vlog that she wanted to take her time and not pressure herself even though she felt contractions earlier on that day as she didn’t want to spend a lot of time inside the labor room. 

“The baby moved round so much nag-cord coil sya so the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck and when i was pushing it was getting the cord tighter around his neck and because the placenta is unyielding, it was stuck to me pa, the placenta is there which is connected to the cord and the baby is going down so its realy like choking him so she had to get me out like super duper fast otherwise emergency CS, and the heart beat was dropping and there was poop na inside the water something like that,” said Kryz.

“Diba I told you na sobrang suwerte? Inakala mo like oh it’s nothing,” Slater was heard telling his wife.

The baby came out like that of an eggplant’s color, the couple shared.

In the video, her firstborn, Scott Knoa, can be seen fondling her baby bump before they headed to the hospital.  The one-year-old Scottie somewhat understood that his baby brother was about to pop anytime soon. 

The Skyfam had breakfast together before Kryz and Slater headed for the hospital. 

The later part of the vlog showed Slater and Kryz sharing their whole birthing experience to their followers.



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