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From date nights to sold-out days: How this couple made their favorite food into a business

Do you also believe that we don’t meet people by accident? That they are meant to cross our path for a reason?

For Alexander Mendoza and Aira Alcover, meeting each other happens to be a chance worth treasuring. 

From simple date nights enjoying their favorite chicken wings, Alexander and Aira now spend their days together managing and handling operations of the favorite wingery from the Queen City — Sugbo Wings. 

Aira Shana Alcover and Alexander Louis Mendoza, co-founders of Sugbo Wings.

It all started six years ago when Alexander and Aira met and later found out that they both have mutual friends and go to the same university.

Alexander and Aira went to the University of San Carlos in Cebu City taking up Culinary and Marketing respectively. 

In their free time, the two foodies would enjoy sharing a platter of chicken wings and on their dates they would always prefer trying different chicken wings restaurants and flavors around Cebu. 

Fast forward to 2020, when Alexander resigned from his job in Cebu City, he began their home kitchen business highlighting their flavorful chicken wings in their hometown and so, Sugbo Wings was born during the pandemic. The co-founders shared that the pandemic was a way for them to start their dream business.

“Challenges will always be there and let us down, but let us not overlook what benefit we could learn from it.”


-Aira Alcover, Sugbo Wings co-founder

“Based from how Sugbo Wings started during the pandemic, as an entrepreneur we should not be afraid to take calculated risks. Don’t panic because it’s calculated,” Aira shared.

As Cebu slowly recovered from the pandemic and with increased orders and requests from their customers, Alexander and Aira successfully opened their takeout station. 


“Challenges will always be there and let us down, but let us not overlook what benefit we could learn from it. Challenges will either make you or kill you, it just depends on how you play with it,” she added.

As a two-man team, Alexander and Aira co-founded Sugbo Wings. 

The favorite Wingery from the Queen City

Now 28 and 25, Alexander and Aira together work as a team at Sugbo Wings. 

The two shared that they now spend time together fulfilling orders and end the day with a full heart after having sold-out orders before closing hours. 

“We love to make our customers have a genuine and different encounter as they open our box of wings,”


– Alexander Mendoza, Sugbo Wings co-founder

Sugbo Wings, their brainchild, boasts of Cebuano-inspired sauces that are made from scratch using local ingredients as the couple supports local producers and suppliers. 

Sugbo Wings takes pride in bringing its original flavors to chicken wings lovers in Cebu. | How to get there

“We love to make our customers have a genuine and different encounter as they open our box of wings, we took a different approach to how it is presented which compliments the taste and flavor for an overall new Wing experience,” Alexander shared.

They have six homemade sauces you can choose from namely Kalmado, Sugbuffalo, SG, BBQ, Plain, and Classic Buffalo. 

  • KALMADO flavor - sweet, tangy, and a bit spicy. A low scoville-unit hot sauce drizzled with Ranch dressing and topped with freshly chopped spring onions.

Sugbuanons can unbox these saucy chicken wings from the newest Wingery in the Queen City located at Sugbo Wing’s takeaway station in B.Rodriguez Ext., Cebu City. 

Their made-to-order deep-fried chicken wings, tossed and coated in homemade sauces are available for takeaway, pick-up, and delivery via GrabFood and Foodpanda.

Open from Monday – Saturday, 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM

You can also visit their social media pages: Facebook and Instagram for orders.

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