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How Hi-Precision Cebu uses AI for state-of-the-art cancer testing

By: - July 15, 2022

For over two decades, Hi-Precision Diagnostics Cebu has been at the forefront of technological innovation in the healthcare industry of the region.    

In the year 2007, Hi-Precision became one of the first healthcare centers in the region with a fully functioning online results server for the convenience of its patients.

For updates and more information, call HPD Cebu’s landline (888 2222), cell phone/Viber (0917 770 3638), or message Hi-Pre Cebu on Facebook.

The HPD App was similarly conceived in 2015 as a high-tech solution to allow patients to get real-time information and service at the tip of their fingers. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Hi-Precision has innovated further- this time in the area of early and effective cancer testing. In recent years, certain cancers such as the breasts, prostate, and cervical cancers have become more common in the Philippines.

Therefore, Hi-Precision has invested in the best laboratory systems to put doctors and their patients in the best situation in fighting against cancer. 

Histopathology- the key to long-term cancer treatment 

In the field of medicine, histopathology refers to the study of tissues to identify diseases. It is a crucial science in detecting and curing cancers early.

A biopsy is a common histopathology procedure for patients who are suspected to have cancer. During a biopsy, a surgeon or other medical professional extracts a piece of tissue from a patient for later examination, which is then sliced, soaked in chemicals, dried, stained,  and preserved. This, in turn, is studied by a pathologist, who will then determine whether said tissue is malignant or cancerous so that the oncologist or cancer doctor can provide the most effective treatment. Depending on the situation, a patient may need surgical removal of the tumor or a less invasive procedure like a core needle biopsy or a fine needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB), both of which are available in Hi-Precision Cebu. 

The benefits of automation

In the area of biopsies, Hi-Precision’s competitive advantage is its investment in the most technologically advanced machines also used in hospitals all over the United States and Europe. Many biopsies require laboratory technicians to devote several hours of long tedious tasks to prepare an extracted specimen for analysis. Often, this requires great skill, and in between the long hours and the constant transfer of specimens around the laboratory, the specimen may be exposed to foreign contamination which in some cases can render it unsuitable for analysis. 

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With Hi-Precision, however, machines allow specimens to be contained and treated to a degree of perfection and efficiency that is almost impossible to attain by manual processes. With Hi Precision’s Leica Peloris, for example, three days of manual preparation work for a biopsy specimen can be completed in just one night. When it comes to staining newly prepared specimens, Hi-Precision has the Leica Autostainer ST 4040, which can stain twenty slides at a time ensuring the right amount of stain is equally distributed across all areas of the slide to ensure maximum clarity. 

Hi-Precision’s newest machine the VENTANA GX IHC analyzes breast tissue samples for three specific proteins: estrogen, progesterone, and her2. This helps to identify a patient’s specific breast cancer subtype, which in turn allows doctors to make informed treatment decisions and identify patients that are more likely to benefit from a specific therapy. 

Saving time to save lives 

When it comes to cancer treatment, time is of the essence. Especially when patients are dealing with aggressive tumors, the sooner the lab can provide doctors with a diagnosis, the better chance the doctor has of ensuring the survival of his/her patient. Investing in time-saving machines is one way to ensure quick release of results, Hi-Precision Diagnostics Cebu is also the only free-standing diagnostic laboratory in the region that can run every step of the biopsy procedure. 

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By performing all of the biopsy procedures in-house, Hi-Precision can release results days or even weeks earlier than if specimens had to be sent out to other hospitals or clinics. For example, before Hi0Precision Cebu began to use the VENTANA machine, samples would have to be sent to clinics in Manila for processing. But now with the machine, procedures that would normally take two weeks can now be done within 3-5 days. 

Innovative Ultrasounds, CT Scans

In addition to biopsies, Hi-Precision offers various other tests for cancer screening. Hi-Pre Cebu has a state-of-the-art 64-slice CT Scan Plain or with Contrast, which provides accurate high-quality images to detect and monitor several diseases. In-house blood tests for cancer screening like CA-125, CA-153, CEA, and AFP are also available via walk-in. HPD-Cebu also offers more specialized tests like the Roche Foundation I (CDX, HEME, Liquid) and PD-L1 for send-out in Boston and Manila, respectively. For our ultrasound-guided core needle biopsy procedure, Hi-Precision utilizes the Philips Affiniti ultrasound to allow for crystal clear images during real-time extractions. 

Although a core needle biopsy can be uncomfortable or even painful, Hi-Precision ensures such procedures are as comfortable as possible. Patients have their procedure done in a comfortable bed and room designed to put them at ease. Hi-Precision staffs are also trained in assisting and addressing patient concerns with respect and patience as evidenced by our various patient testimonies and saved lives throughout the years. 

Through all this, it is top-notch machines, quick releasing of results, and expert medical professionals at an affordable price that allow us to equip doctors with the right information to save lives.

For updates and more information, call HPD Cebu’s landline (888 2222), cell phone/Viber (0917 770 3638), or message Hi-Pre Cebu on Facebook.


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