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FACES OF CEBU: Vyshinsky Kaye Cabase, 23, Marketing Communication graduate


Vyshinsky Kaye Cabase holds photos of her parents.

CEBU CITY, Philippines – Filipinos are sentimental by nature, especially during graduation time.

This is usually the day we spend with family and friends, sharing with them the happiness of a challenging yet successful journey.

But for 23-year-old Vyshinsky Kaye Cabase, it was a bit different. She didn’t have her parents to share it with.

It’s because in 2021, Cabase lost both of her parents just months apart.

So when graduation day came in July 2, 2022, Cabase, who finished her tertiary education at the University of San Jose–Recoletos with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Marketing Communication, felt a bit off.

“It was difficult, especially when my college graduation came. I couldn’t really hide the fact that I felt jealous seeing my classmates and other graduates attending our graduation together with their parents,” said Cabase. 

For Cabase, everything was challenging since her parents passed.

“When they left, I kept on asking myself  ‘do I still make them proud?’ It was hard for me since I am an only child and [I am] close to both of my mother and father. Maybe it was challenging in a way nga I needed to go on with my life without them,” Cabase said.

Despite the odds, she took steps to ensure that her life would not be dominated by grief.

In order to fulfill her parents’ wish, she made sure she had time to spare for her studies.

“What I am doing is that I always remind myself that even though they are no longer around, I still need to continue with life, and that I still need to fulfill my dreams that I promised them. I am always reminded that I am not alone and that I still have my family and friends,” Cabase said with regards to her coping mechanism.

Now that she graduated, Cabase is eager to start the new chapter of her life. And even without her parents by her side, she is determined to continue with her ambitions by taking it one step at a time.



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