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Set Forth Philippines grants scholarship benefits to 12 Cebuano students

By: - September 01, 2022

In transforming communities through equal and quality education, Set Forth Philippines incessantly reimagines the pathways of learning opportunities through the Set Forth Puso College Scholarship Program (SPCSP). 

Set Forth Philippines Foundress and Executive Directress Renoa Richelle E. King spearheaded a covenant signing ceremony last August 29, 2022 at Bloq Residences Sikatuna, Cebu City, to officially accept the organization’s twelve pioneer scholars.

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SPCSP was launched last July 2022 as the 18-year-old foundress envisioned not turning a blind eye to the growing education problems that further worsened during the pandemic.

Set Forth Philippines Foundress and Executive Directress Renoa Richelle E. King | Photo by: James Amistad

“In Set Forth, we focus on sustainability and already have our ISIP Kit Program, Assistance Learning Center, and Livelihood and Skills Development Program. But we notice that one lacking area is helping children finish higher education. So, a lot of the time, it’s up to Senior High, and they decide to start working. But as we know, with that, they make certain compromises—they work for their parents, work for their farms… But these children also have a lot of dreams… And that gave birth to this higher education program to help children access it. Because a lot of the time, it’s really about funds,” Kind said during the covenant signing ceremony press conference.

A total of 530 qualified applicants applied for the scholarship program.  The list was later narrowed down to a hundred based on the organization’s criteria. Thirty applicants were then scheduled for panel interviews and twelve of them were chosen to avail of this year’s scholarship offer. 

The 12 pioneer scholars of Set Forth Philippines. | Photo by: James Amistad

The grantees are incoming 1st-year to 3rd-year college students coming from all over Cebu province.  They are Justine Nina Rodriguez,  Kylene Claire Aying, Jay-Ann Sosas,  Mar Jorie Llevado, Stephanie Alegarbes, Berminie Albacite, Mac Angelie Salve Ylaya, Chariel Bano, Jasmin Rose Apelanio, Noe Angelo Mapa, Michael Sornillo, and Maica Niere.

The scholars will get a comprehensive benefit package that comprises full tuition fee coverage, book/internet allowance, monthly allowance, one-time academic excellence incentive, Latin honors incentive, internship opportunity, and annual learning sessions.

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The Puso scholarship grant can be renewed every semester given that the student maintains the GPA requirement of 80 percent (or its equivalent) and progresses normally.

Five of the twelve Puso scholars shared their sentiments on the scholarship program by Set Forth Philippines.

Jasmin Rose Apelanio

“The scholarship means a lot, not just to me but also to my family, especially to my siblings. I hope to bring inspiration to them and other aspiring scholars. It changed my life, hoping I would successfully endeavor my four-year journey with Set Forth until I graduate and get my bachelor’s degree.”

Mac Angeli Salve Ylaya

“Set Forth Philippines provides their rocket ship that launched to finally serve as a bridge for me to grab hold of my dreams. This opportunity is a blessing for dreamers like me who want to wield the power of our dreams in shaping my world and others.” 

Kylene Claire Aying

“The scholarship means a lot to me personally. It’s like a rocket ship, as Set Forth Philippines’ logo will enable me to reach my dreams and make them a reality. When I learned about Set Forth, my whole mindset changed. The organization’s mantra is centered on paying it forward, and I was able to give my personal meaning to that. It’s like gratitude in mind but still in action.” 

Mar Jorie Llevado

“Set Forth Puso College Scholarship Program means a lot to me, especially since my father is a person with a disability. And he is the only one providing for our daily needs. With this scholarship, I feel secure to finish my college education, and I want to be an inspiration for other students who are underprivileged like me to pursue their dreams.”

Michael Sornillo

“Being one of Set Forth Philippines’ scholars means deeply, not just to myself but also to my family, as it will help them financially. This scholarship is an avenue that will help me achieve my dreams and goals in life. Besides that, it is an honor and privilege to be in an organization that supports me and wherein I can give back to the community.”

“All for Education, Education for All” is Set Forth Philippines’ battle cry in seeking to close the educational gap by providing equal and accessible quality education to underprivileged Filipino children. The organization initiated four flagship programs anchored on sustainability, substance, and stakeholder partnerships: Project Eduk-AKSYON, which includes the Assistance Learning Center, ISIP Kits distributions, Livelihood and Skills Development Program for parents, and Relief and Community Building Operations. 

Check Set Forth Philippines’ Facebook page or visit their website for updates on their latest projects. You can also become a volunteer and help promote the organization’s mission and vision that are centered on bringing quality to all.

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