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Hi-Precision’s CT Scan services now available at Mandaue City branch

By: - January 13, 2023

When Cebu City native Claire visited Siargao for a vacation, the last thing that she expected from her day trip in Taktak Falls was a sudden surge of paralyzing pain on her back. “I remember nga nag-walk mi ato sa falls mismo when suddenly naay murag gilabay nga dako nga stone sa akoa. I thought nga gikan lang sa flow sa waterfalls. Then, pag-igo jud sa akoa murag nalagpot jud akong ulo suddenly there’s blood all over, behind my neck.”    

(I remember that we were walking towards the waterfalls when suddenly I felt like something hard hit my back, it felt like a huge stone was thrown at me. I thought it was just caused by the strong water current at the waterfalls. But then the pain was all over my head, then i felt that there was blood at the back of my neck.)

Hi-Precision Cebu’s CT Scan services are available to walk-in patients in both its Cebu Main and Mandaue branches.

After feeling extreme pain on her throat and coughing blood, Claire was rushed to the local hospital. But after several examinations and X-rays that were administered on her when she was brought to the hospital in Butuan and later on in Cebu, nobody could tell her what was wrong with her.  When she was made to undergo CT Scan at Hi-Precision Cebu, doctors saw that there was a bullet on her back. 


Claire is one of tens of thousands of people who were able to receive effective life-changing diagnosis and treatment thanks to Hi-Precision’s CT Scan machine. Originally available only at HPD-Cebu’s Cebu Main branch near Fuente Osmeña, Hi-Precision now has a second CT Scan machine at its Mandaue branch to serve twice as many patients who are in need of convenient and effective healthcare.  

A computerized tomography (CT) Scan is a specialized imaging procedure that takes multiple X-ray images of the body in various angles and dimensions to create an accurate 3D image of the bones, muscles, and organs. This depth and accuracy is what separates it from the conventional X-rays, and doctors will recommend a CT Scan to study a patient’s heart, internal organs, muscles, or skeletal system. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, many doctors relied on a CT Scan to monitor the effects of COVID in a patient’s lungs so as to differentiate between mild and severe COVID. 

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Depending on the situation, doctors may request for CT Scan Plain or Contrast. In conducting a CT Scan contrast procedure, the technicians will inject a special dye onto the patient to highlight certain parts of the body for a clearer image. 


Hi-Precision’s CT Scan stands for Compassion and Top-Quality Service, because that is what HPD-Cebu offers with its machines, staff, and patient-centered protocol. 

Clearer Images at Faster Speeds 

Hi-Precision Cebu always invests in the most advanced machines, comparable to those used in top healthcare facilities in the United States, Europe, and Singapore. This new CT Scan in Mandaue is no different, being a high-speed 128 Slice Supria especially equipped for higher quality images at shorter time intervals. This especially benefits elderly patients with breathing problems, who are normally expected to hold their breath to keep still for a CT image. For these kinds of patients, holding their breath is a significant challenge, but in spite of this, both CT Scan machines used by Hi-Precision are advanced enough to still provide high-quality images.  

Protection against any rare side effects 

In addition to providing the best machines, Hi-Precision Cebu goes above and beyond to protect patients from any potential side effects of CT Scan. This is especially relevant to the CT Contrast, wherein a foreign dye is administered to the patient to improve visibility of the CT image. Although very rare, the dye may induce kidney damage on certain individuals.

Before injection, one precaution HPD performs is the checking of the patient’s renal function. This is because certain people are at risk of contracting kidney injury when injected with contrast dye. So to screen for those who are susceptible to kidney damage, eGFR testing is performed to ensure that every patient is safe during a CT procedure. 

In addition to this, patients are also administered with a NSS or saline flush. This provides two key benefits: 

  1. The NSS improves contrast enhancement, making images more visible to radiologists and attending physicians, and 
  2. The NSS improves the hydration of the patient, greatly lowering the risk of contrast-induced kidney injury. 

Cleanliness and Pleasant Ambience 

Lastly, Hi-Precision invests greatly on having a well-sanitized environment and a soothing, pleasant ambience, with the aim of reducing the stress and anxiety of patients during their procedure. This was one of the qualities of the CT Scan experience that Claire appreciated. “Mura siyag room na mas comfortable nga makaingon jud kag murag airport nga mas nindut pa sa Singapore.”

Mas nabawasan pa ang ako kulba ug kabalaka kay barato pa jud siya and comportable kaayo ang room. I notice that they clean after every patient jud. Pagsulod sa patient makita jud nga gi ilisan ang paper bed cover. Naa blanket kay bugnaw kaayo ang CT-Scan room and naa pa especially made pillow. Sa akoa kasi dili ko pwede mo higda na straight jud.” 

Another thing Claire appreciated was the presence of very accommodating personnel who look after your well-being throughout the procedure. “Wa sad ko mag-expect nga ang technician, comforting kaayo. Ma-feel jud nimo nga na-worry kaayo sila kon ok ra ba ka.” After regular monitoring in HP, Claire feels great relief to know that she does need to undergo surgery. “Karon, under monitoring na ko sa doctor tungod sa akong bala, pero thankful kaayo ko kay at least I know kung asa siya dapita.” 

Hi-Precision Cebu’s CT Scan services are available to walk-in patients in both its Cebu Main and Mandaue branches. Click this link to see complete schedule and availability for CT Scan in both branches, or contact us via landline (888 2222) or cellphone/Viber (0917 770 3638).  

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