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Seeing stars at the 2023 Miss Philippines Earth pageant

Miss Earth

Miss Philippines Earth celebrity lookalikes (from left) Sha’uri Livori, Cea De Jesus and Kerri Reilly. Image: P. Adina

MANILA, Philippines—The 2023 Miss Philippines Earth pageant has attracted celebrity lookalikes, making it appear as if bombshell Kim Domingo, actress Liza Soberano and even Hollywood star Vanessa Hudgens are in the fray, and 2014 Miss Earth Jamie Herrell is taking another shot at the national crown.

Kerri Reilly from Mangatarem, Pangasinan, said people have only pointed out her resemblance to Herrell since she joined the Miss Philippines Earth pageant. “When I haven’t joined pageants, they compare me to [Soberano]. But I guess now that I’m in pageantry, they are comparing me to [Herrell],” she told the Inquirer at the candidates’ recent visit to the Bonifacio Global City clinic of Gluta Estetica.

“That’s a massive compliment. Number one, she’s gorgeous. She’s very inspiring. So you know, I feel like I also do want to be to her. I look up to her, too. She’s a good person, so I’ll take that,” continued the model and 2022 Century Superbods finalist.

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Sha’uri Livori from the Filipino community of Melbourne, Australia, has a similar experience. She said that since she came to the Philippines for the pageant, people have been telling her she looks like Domingo. “I researched, and then I saw her on Instagram. Honestly, I don’t see [the resemblance]. I’m trying to appreciate it, her beauty and mine, uniquely,” she said.

She, however, found the comparison flattering and saw it as a compliment. “She’s got such like youthful beauty, very baby face, and just very timeless,” Livori said.

But for Taguig City’s Cea De Jesus, being likened to Hudgens goes way back. “I’ve been told that since I was in high school, because I think my high school days were the days when ‘High School Musical’ kinda exploded. Everybody was telling me, ‘Oh you look like her,’” she shared.

If she could meet Hudgens, De Jesus said, “I will ask her, as a Filipino-American in Hollywood, how she found her place. Because I know women who have brown skin in Hollywood have trouble finding their place.”

The architect also said the resemblance could be an advantage as she aims for the crown. “At the end of the day, the Miss Philippines Earth pageant is a pageant, so we’ll look at the physical aspects of the girls. And I think resembling a Hollywood star will really help me,” she said.

But Reilly thinks otherwise. “I feel like they always like to look for different girls, different personality, their advocacy and who they are first. So I feel like maybe they might lean towards new people, depending on your personality and who you are and how you are with the environment,” she surmised.

Livori agreed, and said, “I feel like it’s more that the judging is based rather on my unique character, not on the basis of someone else. But you know, in the end, it’s still a little bit of an ego boost to me. I feel a little bit more confident from that. But, yeah, rather I’m just basing it on my capabilities,” she explained.

The three will join 26 other delegates at the 2023 Miss Philippines Earth coronation night at the Toledo City Sports Center (Megadome) in Toledo City in Cebu Province on April 29, at 6 p.m. The ceremonies will be livestreamed on the pageant’s official Facebook page and YouTube channel, with a delayed telecast on A2Z on April 30, at 10 a.m.  /ra

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