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A true big brother: Student in Cebu watches over little sister while attending school activity

Mart and his one-year-old little sister attending a symposium at school.

CEBU CITY, Philippines—  A big brother’s simple gesture is a big hit online.

Mart Antipuesto, 15, a grade nine student from Mantalongon National High School in Dalaguete, Cebu, has now gone viral after photos of him bringing his one-year-old sister to school to attend a symposium made waves on social media.

According to Ma. Lilibeth Cordova, the teacher who uploaded the photos, she was touched with Mart’s brotherly instinct, making sure his baby sister wasn’t going to be left behind at home.

So what’s the story behind this?

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According to Miss Cordova,  Mart asked permission to tag along his sister to school because he did not want to miss the activity in school.

The teachers agreed, but they were curious on why he had to bring his sister with him.

Mart’s answer was touching.

Cordova said Mart told her that his parents were farmers and needed to do some extra time on the field to earn more money for their family.

“Ang pagdala sa manghud iyang nahunahunaan. Dala og gatas, bibiron, diaper ug ilisan aron sa klase dili lang gyud makalat-ang,” said Cordova.

(Bringing his younger sister with him is what he thought of. He brought milk, a bottle, and some clothes so that we wouldn’t be able to miss classes.)

Cordova said she shared these photos of Mart online to inspire other students. Mart’s effort proves that when there’s a will, there’s always a way.

“Ang iyang istorya gi post nako sa FB aron mapanaminan sa ubang estudyante. Di gyud babag sa pag-eskwela ang ka pobre. Mapangitaan kini og paagi kon maayo ka mo diskarte,” she added.

(I posted his story on FB to inspire other students. It proves poverty isn’t a hindrance to education. There’s always a way if you are resourceful.)

Mart shared with Cordova that his parents would always find a way to have somebody take care of his younger sibling because they, too, don’t want Mart to miss school.

“Naka remember ko pag start pa lang sa klase, naka mention ni akong student nga di siya paadtoon sa farm sa iyang ginikanan kay pa eskwelahon ra gyud siya,” said Corodva.

(I remember, during the start of classes, this student of mine mentioned that his parents won’t allow him to go to the farm because they wanted him to concentrate on school.)

Mart is the eldest of six siblings.

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Posted by CDN Digital on Monday, June 19, 2023

Mart’s story has gone viral since CDN Digital shared it. It was shared 2,300 times as of Tuesday, June 20.

Netizens were quick to praise Mart’s brotherly love.

Cebu student

Netizens were also praising the teachers who were there to help Mart that day take care of his sibling, and sharing the story of this inspiring student from Cebu.

Cebu student


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