Hilongosnons and their love for ‘rambol’

CEBU CITY, Philippines— The small town of Hilongos on the island of Leyte is known not just for its famous native delicacy which is the moron, but it is also popular for “rambol.”

Relax, this kind of “rambol” has nothing to do with the violent nature we all know about, but rather, a “rambol” of savory flavors.

Inside the busy public market of Hilongos town in Leyte, you can find stalls selling “puto sikwate” and the most talked about “rambol”.

Hilongos prides itself on the combination they did with the simple breakfast combo of “puto sikwate” by adding monggos to the mix.

Yes, rambol is a mix of “puto sikwate” with monggos.

Here’s a quick explainer by Najib Cubio of how this famous breakfast combo came to be. Cubio is the town’s public information officer.

“Niadtong 80’s ang mga pasahero sa barko mokaon og puto sa merkado inig abot kay 5am pa man moabot ang barko sauna. Gisagol sa mga tindera ang puto, sikwati ug mongos kay nagdali man ang ubang pasahero nga mosakay pag bus para Southern Leyte,” he said.

The name “rambol” came to light because of the mixture of three dishes.

“Lami man diay mao gipadayon nila. Rambol kay gisagol man ang 3 ka mga elemento in 1,” he added.

Hilongosnons often use the line, “Hilongosnos are peace-loving people but we love RAMBOL.”

The sweet taste of the puto and sikwate infused with a hint of saltiness from the monggos may sound a bit confusing at first, but when you get to taste this combo, you’ll surely want to have more.

For only P20 you get to experience the best kind of “rambol” in your life.      /rcg


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