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A colorful first day of school: A glimpse into different students’ personalities

CEBU CITY, Philippines The resonant chime of alarm clocks welcomes a new rhythm as today, August 29, 2023,  marks the official return of students to classes in public schools.

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Parents are moving at an extra fast pace around the house making sure uniforms are ready, lunch boxes are all prepared and all school supplies are neatly arranged inside each bag. All these while hearing cries, waves of laughter, and some kids running around the house or worse, others still sleeping.

What a chaotic morning scene, right?

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But wait till you get to the school gate and see the different kinds of students who get dropped off for school.

These are some of them:

The Eager Explorer

These students are filled with excitement and curiosity. They can’t wait to make new friends, learn new things, and discover what school has to offer.

The Crying student

This kind is the one you see balling their eyes out at the gate not wanting to go to school and let go of mom or dad. They will make a scene, yes, so be ready for they can cry all day.

The Sleepyhead

From the house to the school you can see these kids still drowsy or still sleeping inside the car or by the sides of the bench gates.

The Independent Spirit

Some kids are remarkably self-sufficient from a young age. These are the kids you see shoving their parents inside the car and not wanting them to get down and send them off at the gate.

The ‘I-got-everything’ student

These kids are the ones you see with big bags even on the first day of school. Let’s just say they would like to come prepared even for orientation week.

Remember that each child is unique, and their reactions to the first day of school can vary widely. The most important thing is to provide a supportive and encouraging atmosphere to help them navigate this new chapter in their lives.

So, which one is your child on the first day of school?


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