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Gretchen Malalad: I will file case against helper who tried to kill my cats

Gretchen Malalad: I will file case against helper who tried to kill my cats. Image: Instagram/@gretchenmalalad

Image: Instagram/@gretchenmalalad

The former house helper of Gretchen Malalad may be facing a case for allegedly attempting to poison the journalist’s rescue cats by putting muriatic acid into their water bowls.

Malalad, a journalist, through her social media pages, showed on Monday, November 20, the CCTV footage from her house where her helper Cristy Radoc can be seen entering the cat cage while holding a mug.

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Radoc, who was seemingly hiding what she was doing, poured the liquid in her mug into the water bowls. Radoc allegedly went to the other cage to do the same, then pretended to be drinking from the empty mug.

Malalad said her other helpers alerted her regarding the incident, prompting her to review the CCTV footage. 

“The water, when I smelled it, it was so strong. Binuhos ko siya do’n sa lababo namin and nangitim ‘yung lababo namin dahil nagreact ‘yung muriatic acid do’n sa stainless.”

(I poured the water in the sink and it turned black because of the reaction of the muriatic acid to the stainless.)

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“I’m sharing this now because she’s seeking new employment… It’s so dangerous to have someone like her live with you,” she spoke of Radoc.

Malalad said she already lodged a complaint against Radoc at a barangay hall, and that they already had their first hearing.

“During the hearing, napaamin siya ng barangay captain at mga kagawad do’n na, in fact, nilason niya talaga ‘yung pusa and she has no remorse. Sinasabi pa niya, ‘Bakit, meron bang namatay? Namatay ba ‘yung pusa?’” Malalad said.

(During the hearing, she admitted in front of the barangay captain and councilors that she really tried to poison my cats, and she has no remorse. She even told them, “Why? Did any of the cats die?”)

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“Siya na nga ‘yung nanglason, siya pa ‘yung galit (She had the audacity to be angry even when she was the one who attempted to poison my cats). So, I’m filing a case against her,” she stated, noting that she made the video as a warning to the public.

In separate posts, Malalad gave an update on her cats and said that some of them suffered from eye irritation due to the fumes of the muriatic acid.

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